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There is a famous adage- ‘Health is Wealth”! This is all the more true in the modern age, with medical bills soaring high, creating big holes in the pockets. We also believe that prevention is always better than cure. But you would take prevention only if you know about the threat! This could majorly be linked to health problems. The modern lifestyle and its negative results are sneaking through hasty routines, bad eating habits, adulterated products, high-stress levels, blindfolded rat race, cutthroat competitions, etc.

How wonderful it would be if someone could alert us against possible diseases and the time of their occurrence. Don’t worry; Medical Astrology or health astrology is there! 

Astrology and Health Predictions   

Astrology accurately predicts what comes next in a person’s life. It is relieving to know that all kinds of health problems that may hit you can be seen through your birth chart. You would be amazed to know that since your birth, all diseases you may suffer later in life can be diagnosed accurately. The planetary placements indicate small, complex, and also the deformity of organs. 

The 12 houses of our horoscope relate to certain parts of our body. Affliction or weakness of any of these houses shows the possibility of disease in that part of the body. Now, it is completely an astrologer’s domain to analyze the affliction or weakness of a house as it may be created in many forms. However, general indications are mentioned below. To get a broader view, the twelve houses of a horoscope indicate-

First House – Head, brain, mind, skull, hair, skin

Second House – Face, throat, right eye, vocal cords, teeth, facial bones, nose, tongue, voice, nails, mouth, gums

Third House – Neck, throat, hands, arms, collar bones, right ear, breathing system, shoulders

Fourth House – Chest, heart, lungs, blood pressure, breast, stomach

Fifth House – The upper abdomen, heart, pancreas, gall bladder, upper and middle back, spine, intestines, sperm, womb

Sixth House – Digestive system, navel, kidney, uterus, small intestine, anus, waist, lower abdomen, appendix, the upper part of the large intestine

Seventh House– Uterus, ovaries, urinary tract, sperm, prostate gland, uterus, ovaries, and lower back 

Eighth House – External genitalia, pelvic bones, anus 

Ninth House– Knees, bone marrow, hips, thighs, left leg, joints, bones, arterial system

Tenth House – Knees, joints, bones

Eleventh House – Calves, ankle, left ear, left arm, left leg, and buttocks

Twelfth House– Left eye, lymphatic system, foot

Any affliction to these houses may cause damage or health issues related to that part of the body. For e.g., Mars in the tenth house may give problems in the knees, or the Sun in the fourth house may cause problems in the heart or chest. The Sun and Moon in the twelfth house may cause problems in the left eye etc.

Planets as karaka of diseases

Every planet in astrology is a karaka of specific body parts. And with its affliction, it may cause discrepancies in such body parts. 

Sun– bones, stomach, right eye, head, heart, and joints. It may cause problems like high fever, pitta diseases, and severe headaches. 

Moon – Mind, blood, heart, left eye, lungs, breast, brain, body fluids, intestinal, cough and vomiting etc. An afflicted Moon may give insomnia, asthma, insanity, and blood-related diseases. 

Mars –  Bone marrow, blood, energy, neck, genitals, red blood cells. An afflicted Mars may give accidents, surgeries, itching, genital issues, tumor, blisters, piles, knee problems, etc. 

Mercury – Nervous system, speech, skin, nose, naval, gall bladder, tongue, dullness, nerves. Afflicted Mercury may give insanity, typhoid, ulcers, dizziness, etc. Mercury shows skin problems in the birth chart. If it is connected to Mars and Moon, there are strong chances of getting skin diseases. Rahu also aggravates the problem.

Jupiter – Thighs, fat, liver, kidneys, ears, lungs, tongue, memory, spleen, etc. A weak Jupiter may give health problems to ears, diabetes, pancreas, etc. 

Venus – Eyes, nerves, genitals, semen, throat, glow, and glands. An afflicted Venus may cause diabetes, kidney disorders, problems in the eyes, and issues related to semen.

Saturn – Legs, bones, muscles, teeth, hair, etc. Saturn may give paralysis, deafness, and fractures, etc. 

Rahu and Ketu – They give mysterious diseases which can’t be diagnosed and treated easily.  

House for health in birth chart

In a birth chart, the 6th, 8th, 12th, and maraka houses 2nd and 7th are majorly seen for diseases. The 6th house is a house of diseases and is the most important house for diagnosing diseases in a native’s life. The astrologers believe that-

  • It is good to have malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Sun, and Mars in the sixth house as they fight against diseases. However, they should be strong enough in shadbala as only strong planets can give good or bad results.
  • It is not good to have benefic planets in the sixth house. The benefic planets like Jupiter, Venus, Moon, and Mercury are known to enhance the results of the house they are placed in. thus, they will enhance the diseases here. They should not be strong at all, or else major afflictions may occur. 

Every sign, house, and planet in Astrology is associated with certain diseases. Medical Astrology is a vast subject but has proved its relevance since time immemorial. It has amazingly helped many people with its timely detection and ultimate cure. It is no matter less important than Medical Science.   

The dasha of maraka Lords and trik house Lords may cause diseases in a native’s life. Thus, regular consultations are necessary to understand the bad effects of any upcoming dasha of disease-causing planets. With their placement in the good houses, Trik lords also take their disease-causing energies to these houses. They may give health afflictions related to the body parts indicated by their house of placement in its dasha.

Moreover, many planetary combinations for diseases have been prescribed in various astrological texts. For e.g., whenever Rahu will transit through the natal Moon, it will give disease related to the part indicated by that house. Just by looking at the placement and association of the planets, a learned astrologer may predict possible diseases and suggest the most effective remedies to stay away from them. Even if the health issue occurs, astrological remedies may provide a big relief if taken in time without going for intricate medical procedures.

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