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Progeny means offsprings , idea about next generation. Progeny plays important role for anyone to know as to what & how would be one’s offsprings. Humans take birth as a child, and they want to remain in this world through their child.There is very special importance given to a child in the Indian system. This is  because a child is considered to be a Protector of tradition, upkeep of the values of life. Furthermore it is considered  a link between self and the future generation or in other words the up keeper of the DNA. When we talk about child or progeny the first thing that strikes our mind is a sweet and faithful child. A child who looks after parents in their old age and who also makes the parents proud. Indian Vedic astrology distinguishes between basic nature of children. For this purpose it has divided the type of children’s into four categories which are:

types of kids

  • Those who take care of the parents and are obedient.
  • Those that disobey and bring insult and disgrace to the family.
  • Those that bring humiliation and stigma to the family.
  • Those who increase the fame, respect, and reputation of the family.

House Allotted To Kids As per Vedic Astrology

The Indian Vedic astrology attributes fifth house to matters relating to child and progeny and also refers to all the happiness and comfort derived from the child.

It is mandatory to mention that apart from the fifth house from the Lagna, the fifth house from Moon and same fifth house from Jupiter is also seen and evaluated for the matters and comforts relating to off-springs.

A Child has a distinct Horoscope

A point to clarify here is that once a child is born, he has a distinct horoscope for himself. We can see the Lagna of the child from there. We can interpolate this with the father’s chart to predict the relationship between father & the son.  Same way we can interpolate this with mother’s chart to examine inter-relationship of child & mother.

5th House is Garbh-Stahn in a females Horoscope

An important thing here is that when we evaluate the horoscope of a female, then fifth house becomes the Grabh Sthan (womb) and the 12th house, which is eight from 5th house becomes the Maraka of the child, which is in the Garbh Sthan(womb). This apparently means that while evaluating the prospects of progeny the horoscope of a male is read differently, and the chart of the female is interpreted differently.



Father’s horoscope tells quite a bit about the fate of offsprings he is to have:

Let us have a look at the relationship of different houses with that of the 5th house or the child house; this theory is known as Bhavat Bhavam:

  • The Lagna is the ninth house of the fifth house which indicates that the Lagna of the native is the Bhagya-Sthan of his off-springs. Stronger the Lagna, the better is the fate of his off-springs.
  • The second house is tenth from the fifth house which means that the career of the child can be evaluated from the 2nd house of the native.
  • The third house is Eleventh from the fifth house which means that the Dhana Bawa of the child or the riches of the child can be evaluated from the third house of the native.
  • The fourth house becomes the 12th house from the 5th house which is the Vyaya house of the child (house of loss). The prosperity of the child can be evaluated from the fourth house of the native.
  • The fifth house of the native becomes the Lagna of the child; the stronger the fifth house of the native the stronger is the Lagna of his child. A stronger Lagna blesses the child with a healthy body and a beautiful and sturdy life.
  • The sixth house of the native becomes the second house for the offspring, which denotes for the amount of money and the degree of Intelligence the off-springs would have. But it is also the Marak Bhav for the off-springs. A robust sixth house is a blessing for the native’s offspring.
  • The seventh house of the native is the third house for the off-springs which denotes for courage and the relationship the child will have with juniors. A robust seventh house means courageous child.
  • The eighth house of the native is the 4th house or the Sukh Sathan for the offspring. A robust eighth house ensures a long life to the off-springs of the native.
  • The ninth house of the native becomes the fifth house for the offspring. Fifth house denotes for the intelligence and their involvement in religious activity. A strong ninth house for the native makes the offspring of the native intelligent and religious minded.
  • The Tenth House of the native becomes the sixth house of the off-springs which shows the competitiveness level of the offspring. A strong tenth House of the native assures him of sturdy offspring.
  • The eleventh house of the native becomes the seventh house of the offspring which is the spouse’s house for the offspring. A strong eleventh house assures the native that his offspring will have a compatible life partner.
  • The 12th house of the native becomes the eighth house for the off-springs, and this is the house of death for them. If the native does not care for his 12th house, which means that he is not righteous in his deeds, this could spell disaster for his off-springs.

Few Postulates

There are a few postulates in different branches of astrology which are governed by specific classified rules in them through which the following things can be evaluated with precision:

  • Alpa Santati yoga (Few Children Yoga): This Yoga is a combination which indicates very few children or no children. In the past, those who just had daughters were categorized in this yoga.
  • Bahu Santati Yoga ( Plenty Children yoga): This Yoga is a combination which indicates plenty kids with a good number of male children. There are Yogas which categorically suggest 3 to 8 kids, 9 to 11 kids. There are specific rules where the number of kids when be calculated with an exact estimation of male and female progeny.
  • Shetraz Putra Yoga (Test tube baby Yoga)
  • Krit Putra Yoga ( Adoption Yoga)
  • Kritam Putra Yoga ( Not related Adoption Yoga)
  • Kanin Putra Yoga ( Child before marriage Yoga)

Controversial Topics

There are few topics which are controversial in the present times but none the less they exit: a brief reference to them is as under:

  • The sex determination of the child: There are rules with which this can be precisely evaluated.
  • Daughter Yoga: There is a combination which allows a precise estimation of daughters the native can have.
  • The sex of the firstborn.

Timings of Progeny:

Few who long for a kid get curious to know the time when that could happen. There are specific Yogas which can indicate the following:

  • Late progeny timings.
  • Very late progeny timings.
  • Late male child timings.
  • Early progeny timing.

Methods Of Time Estimation

Calculating the Time for bearing a child  :

Although there are many methods to evaluate the timing the couple could have a child, but those commonly used are the:

  • Jatak tatva Yog
  • Brihat Parashar Yog
  • SantaanDasha Yog
  • Santan Gochar Yog
  • Guru Gochar Prabhav: This is an essential yoga for calculating the timing of progeny. Therefore only a master has to do so with the simultaneous application of D-7 charts of both  male and the female.

Loss Of Progeny

Santaan Haney/ Putra Dosha Or Loss of Progeny:

Loss of progeny is the most brutal of the yoga as loss of a child is considered as the most significant loss to a person.

There are a few Yogas which point the finger towards this kind of Dosha, but only a capable astromacer can understand that what kind of Dosha is the fate pointing its finger.

The types of Putra dosha are:

  • A child lost in the womb.
  • Child loss due to some curse
  • Child loss at the mid-age
  • Many child loss yoga
  • Birth of a dead child yoga
  • Garbhpat yoga(abortion)
  • Frequent Garbhpat yoga
  • Word of Advice: Before accepting the presence of this kind of Dosha, please get the horoscope verified by a professional.

Childlessness Yoga

There may be childlessness yoga in the horoscope of the native. The potency of this yoga can be &  has to be checked. First of all we have to evaluate under what  circumstances it would fructify. Then with what precautions it would not activate at all.

The other thing that has to be kept in mind is that if this yoga is present in one horoscope, it has to be checked for its presence in the spouse’s horoscope as well. If the spouse’s horoscope does not have this kind of yoga, it would mean that one horoscope has negated the ill effects of the others horoscope.

So as a matter of advice the childlessness yoga can never be verified by seeing just one horoscope

These specific Yogas activate and deactivate at a particular time. Therefore only an experienced astrologer can access the timings when the childlessness yoga deactivates. That timing could be perfect for going in for family ways without much Upaays and rituals.

At times the happiness through progeny gets forbidden for a particular duration of time if the length of this duration is adequately assessed then the couple could be advised not to try for that specific segment of time.

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