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Lord Hanuman- One pill for every ill.

I have come across many people who inquire about their Aaradhya Devath

a, or they are very curious to know that which God is there Aaradhya so that they could worship Him for maximum results.

Here in this article I will try and clear all the doubts of the natives and each one of you will be in a position to know about his Aaradhya Devatha.


Three factors govern the Aradhya Devta or Placable Lord for an individual. These three factors are:

• Ascendant Lord.
• Moon Sign
• Nakshatra Lord Pada

It is not very difficult to find out the lords of Ascendant, Moon Sign, and The Nakshatra Pada.

The table below will give you an insight into the above lords and their corresponding God.

Sign Lord God
Aries Mars Hanuman
Taurus Venus  Durga
Gemini Mercury  Ganesh
Cancer Moon  Shiva
Leo Sun  Vishnu
Virgo Mercury  Ganesh
Libra Venus Durga
Sagittarius Jupiter Brihaspati
Capricorn Saturn  Shani
Aquarius Saturn  Shani
Pisces Jupiter  Brihaspati

The Lord of the ascendant and the corresponding Devatha or God is the Aaradhya for that person.

aradhya vinay bajrangi

The moon sign lord and the corresponding God is the spiritual God of the person. This God will bestow the native with the spiritual solace and mental peace.

moon vinay bajrangi

The Nakshatra Pada’s Lord accomplishes the Karmic duties for the native. He will help in getting the Karmic duties of the native accomplished and completed.

nakshatra pad lord

Those who are not interested in getting their horoscope evaluated for knowing their Aradhya or those who seem to get baffled by the number of Gods, Hindus worship, they sometimes question that who is the one who can give all the results of all the Aaradhya as per the horoscope.

Before I divulge this little secret that praying to which God can give the results of all the Gods combined, I would like to put forth a simple astrological theory which will become premise to this secret.

  • A horoscope has 12 quadrants know as houses or Bhav, and every Bhav has some particular significations of natives life attributed to it. These do not overlap, or the significations are discrete.
  • A horoscope has twelve astrological signs, and each sign rests in one of the Bhav. The Bhavs are constant to all natives but the Bhavs may house different astrological signs and may differ from native to native.
  • A house or Bhav will give good results if the House Lord is nicely replaced and is strong enough to provide good results.

If a particular house lord is not that strong, then we have to pray to the Lord or Adhidevta of that Sign to make it secure, or otherwise, the significations of that Bhav or House perish.

With the above knowledge, now let us understand that what Lord Hanuman can do if we just pray to him.

Aries & Scorpio

To start with let us focus on the two astrological signs, Aries and Scorpio; Lord of Aries and Scorpio is the planet Mars the Adhidevta or Lord of Mars is Lord Hanuman. Now if we pray to Lord Hanuman and impress Him by keeping a righteous virtue then with his blessings these two signs can get strengthened.

Taurus & Libra

Now let us take two more Signs; Taurus and Libra. The ruling planet of these two Signs is Venus, and the Adhidevta of Venus is Goddess Mahalakshmi the consort of Lord Vishnu. Lord Hanuman is Param Sevak of Lord Vishnu, and Lord Vishnu has himself said that he who worship Hanuman, gets my blessings. So worshipping Hanuman pleases Lord Vishnu an, in turn, Goddess Lakshmi gets pleased. So these two signs also benefit, if we pray Lord Hanuman.

Gemini & Virgo

Now let us come to next two signs, Gemini and Virgo; the ruling planet of these two signs is Mercury, and the Adhidevatha for Mercury is Lord Ganesha; who is the younger son of Lord Shiva. Now you must all know that Hanuman is Shivansh, which means that he is a derivative from Lord Shiva, which further implies that he is the Jyeshtha or elder to Lord Ganesha. As per Hindu mythology younger brother seldom overrules his elder brother, and those who are divine would never invalidate, so if someone worships Lord Hanuman then Lord Ganesha is bound to get impressed, and thus these two signs of Gemini and Virgo gets strengthened.


The next sign Cancer, whose ruling planet is the Moon. Those to have seen the photographs or idols of Lord Shiva, they must have noticed that Moon gets stitched in his hairs. The Adhidevta of Moon is Lord Shiva, and as explained earlier Hanuman is Shivansh or the derivative of Shiva. So by worshipping Hanuman, Shiva gets happy and so is the Cancer sign.


The planet Sun rules the Leo Sign. The Adhidevta of Sun is Lord Vishnu himself. Sun also is the Guru of Lord Hanuman, and he is Sun’s most loved pupil. So by worshipping Hanuman, Sun and Vishnu simultaneously get impressed and blesses this sign for all positivity.

Sagittarius & Pisces

The next two sign; Sagittarius and Pisces, the ruling planet for both these signs is Brihaspati Devta which means Lord Vishnu. As explained earlier Lord Vishnu blesses those who worship Lord Hanuman. So if someone says that the Sagittarius or Pisces sign is blemished, the native should just start praying Lord Hanuman, and he will start getting positive results.

Capricorn & Aquarius

Now the last two signs, the Capricorn and the Aquarius; Planet Saturn rules both these signs. The Adhidevta for both these signs is Lord Shani, He is one of the most dreaded of the planets, but mythology says that Lord Hanuman is the Guru of Lord Shani and Lord Shani himself has committed once, that those natives who habitually worship Lord Hanuman should not worry and fear him. So those who worship Lord Hanuman, Shani does not say a word to them, which means that these two remaining astrological signs to gets strengthened by worshipping Lord Hanuman.

How simple the astrological upaay or rituals are.

Just start worshipping Lord Hanuman, and every problem in your life shall vanish, and you will gain sufficient strength to deal with all the negativity of the times.

If you still feel that Shani or any other planet is troubling you or there is something amiss somewhere. Do hesitate to meet Dr. Vinay Bajrangi.

Please click here to watch this video to get more clarity. 


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