How to Grow Business with Help of Astrology!

astrology can help grow your business

Taking the business to the desired height is not a smooth ride for anyone. To grow your business or make it a success, one needs to spend months and sometimes years of hard work. But still, after investing a lot, a number of people do not receive even 20% of their invested effort. What’s the reason? Why does business growth demand so much from one? These are a few questions that you might be struggling with, and believe me, the answer is there with astrology.

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi who has recorded his astrological marvel in providing the best business astrology consultation in India, will share some unknown factors about astrology. Here you will get to learn how astrology can help grow your business. You will get to know how with the help of astrology you can ensure success and revenue of your business. So, let’s read on what exact astrology does to strengthen your chances of business success.

Why astrological advice is good for business –

As our life’s every aspect is related to the positions and transitions of various planets and heavenly bodies, a considerable amount of horoscope to check if the moment is favourable for a certain business or not through Kundali analysis is always good. An astrologer reads and tells the most auspicious time to start a business and also based on the zodiac sign and analysis of houses, he tells which business would drive auspicious results.

This way, from selecting the kind of business to deciding the time to start a venture, everything can be adequately addressed if you consult a good astrologer like Dr. Vinay Bajrangi.

Listing down few reasons to take astrology seriously for your business –

  • Business astrology helps to know the reason why you are not making the most out of your efforts invested in your venture. By reading horoscopes, the astrologer can tell you the Graha and Nakshtras Dashas which might trigger failure for you in business.
  • Business astrology is a way to determine if you are going to be in the right business direction or not.
  • Even astrology can tell you if you will become successful in business or pursuing a job is predestined for you.
  • It is also seen that investing in a business which is not compatible with your birth sign or horoscope often leads to uncertain disaster. It is wise to get your Kundali analyzed and pick a business that surely drives great results to avoid such a business disaster.
  • Astrology effectively helps to spot the root cause of not becoming successful in a certain business. Finding a root cause, the astrologer can better recommend solutions or astrological remedies that dump down the ill-effects of it and assure good results.

Astrological solutions to grow your business –

In case you are not satisfied with the outcomes against your efforts in growing business, there must be some flaw in your Kundali. At that time, taking astrological solutions can be helpful. Based on his experience in astrology, Dr. Vinay Bajrangi shares unbeatable astrological solutions for businesses –

  • The time of procuring new business material, it is good to buy a few toys and gift kids around.
  • There should be no dusty or rusty metal available in the office as it invites negativity and ill effects.
  • Keep Shree Yantra and Lakshmi Ganesh idols in the office and perform daily pooja as it helps business growth.
  • For prosperity, Lord Shiva’s pooja is recommended. Therefore, daily visiting a Shiva temple and pouring water on Shivling is the best practice to stay blessed with good planets blessings on your business.

In addition to the above-suggested astrological solutions, doing some regular charity and staying in touch with an astrologer for timely consultation is quite beneficial. Just remember that astrology is a way to go deeper and know your Karma. With the influence of good Karma and understanding the situation of planets, you can make the best business decision that would be profit-driven.

In case you are concerned about a specific business issue and want a quick solution for that, just consult and let the best astrologer help you online itself. 

About Dr Vinay Bajrangi

Can anyone change the Horoscope? No, not even its creator the Brahma. Then what is that the astrology can or how can astrologers help us. My 2 decades exposure with a PhD in Astrology make me say that Horoscope is a direct manifesto of our Past Life Karmas which have gone past, fixed therefore cannot be changed. But there is something known as Gochar (transit of all planets in constellation like earth, sun, moon keep moving) Dasha which give us a chance to mould the results of the fixed planetary positions, allotted to us in Horoscope. That is possible through the Karmas of our present life (which are in our hand with manoeuvrability with a free will) and that where I preach that Karma correction with right guidance and at right time is the best way to extract best results with the help astrology. It is much better to control & play with your own free will than to desperately depend on mindless rituals later where you only pray to God help you with these rituals.

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