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There are a certain Positive Yogas implanted in each and every horoscope. Many people boast about the same & we live under a mirage that we would reap the results for sure. But then why the natives, sometimes & many a times do not  enjoy the fruits of it. It is because this Yoga has not blossomed or is rather activated negatively.

Layman’s Perception about Positive Yogas.

For instance, a cat burglar might have the advantageous Raja Yoga, but whenever Raja Yoga tries to offer him something, he could encounter some problems due to Bandhan Yoga (Imprisonment Yoga) . As a result, he may not enjoy it’s benefits. Similarly, a rapist or molester might posses a nice Moksha (liberation) Yoga . But  if the native activates it negatively  before it gives its blessings , the native tend to transform this into bed pleasure. Whether it is a surgeon, butcher, or murderer, everyone will have the same kind of Yoga. It’s just that their enjoyments and sufferings depend on the way they activate this Yoga.

Astrological Bite  

As a result , the Positive Yogas, which could impart good results, modified their traits and managed to move themselves to the dark side. The kaal (period or era), desh (country, realm) and patra (persona) are also essential to get to the root of the analogy to determine as to  which yoga will be activate in what way.

I’ll tell you how the good Yogas, present in Rashiphal (Horoscope or astrological forecast), repress themselves and become activate negatively. Let’s take a look at different kinds of Yoga’s:

Learn more about such Yogas.

Gajkesri Yoga

This excellent Yoga is formed when the moon is in angle to Jupiter in a horoscope. Placement of moon in the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house from Jupiter forms Gajkesri Yoga. This blesses native with wealth, knowledge & overall prosperity. Most  horoscopes do have a Gajkesri Yoga, but all do not get its full benefits due to  many  reasons. On the thorough examination of a horoscope , one would find that few planets are either Shadastaka (6/8 relationship) to the moon or to the Jupiter. Now if a planet gets Shadastaka to the moon, then the thought process of the native gets negatively inclined as per the nature of the planet, whereas if a planet gets Shadastaka to Jupiter, the intelligence get altered in a negative way in accordance to the Shadastaka planet, which negatively activated the Yoga giving planets.

Kedar Yoga

This Yoga evolves when seven planets occupy four houses of the chart. When it is  activated positively in a horoscope , it blossoms a native with popularity & philanthropic activities. However when the four houses do not support mutually, it can get negative activation also. As a result of this, the native is forced to commit a crime & become famous for  wrong reasons.

Kahal Yoga

The placement of the Lords of the fourth and ninth houses are in complementary angles leads to the formation of this Yoga. A positive activation in a horoscope makes a person courageous, powerful, and affluent. For this the ascendant Lord also needs to be powerful to complement this. But in contrast, if  the ascendant is not supportive, this becomes negatively activated. As a result, the individual might become stupid. A foolish person might spend much time and labor in unpromising tasks and become loathsome.

Kamal Yoga

A person with a Kamal Yoga is a master and Big Daddy of many arts. When all the planets are in the kendra (angle) to each other, the horoscope blesses native with Kamal Yoga. All the angles of all the planets complement each other. The Kendra to the 8th house is 2nd, 5th, and 11thhouses, and if planets settle in these kendra  position, it leads to negative activation. As a result, the arts or skills in which the native masters will  not yield much results.

Musala Yoga

Musala Yoga takes its form when all the planets takes the position in a particular sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius).The characteristic of this Yoga is accumulation of money and assets. So, most of the people having this Yoga are prosperous and content. However, a negative trigger  to this Yoga can also propel a person  to amass money through wrong & bad means.

Neech Bhang Raj Yoga

When the planetary combinations make the debilitated planets, losing their debilitation, the native gets the Neech Bhang Yoga. There are several combinations responsible for this revival. Many a times, horoscope readers misunderstand the  cancellation of this Yoga  & as result misapply it to a Horoscope. A person having this Yoga most likely will become a King or an authoritative person. Many a times, Neech Bhang Raj Yoga becomes active negatively also. As as of it, the native will only a mirage of riches but will not reap its actual benefits.

Akhanda Samrajya Yoga

The Akhanda Samrajya Yoga takes its form when the Lord of  2nd, 9th, or 11th  is in Kendra ( angle)  to the Moon or Lagna ( ascendant). And also, Jupiter too, being the Lord of the 2nd, 9th, and 11th house, Kendra to the moon or Lagna. It bestows immense wealth up on people having this Yoga. But  the association of bad planet intrinsically with the trines of planets in question, the money will be available  but only to remain passive in the books. Native will not be able to enjoy the blessings of this Yoga.

Amala Yoga

The intrinsically auspicious planets occupying 10th House either from the Moon or Lagna lead to the formation of this Yoga. The presence of this Yoga in a horoscope makes the native to enjoy the fame through out his life. An individual having this Yoga in his horoscope will enjoy full fame throughout his life. Negative activation of this Yoga can blossom a person likewise of Robinhood.

Adhi Yoga

Benefic planets placed in the  6th, 7th, or 8thhouse from the ascendant or Lagna results in formation of this Adhi Yoga. This is also known as Raj Yoga. A  person having this Yoga  in his horoscope would gain  fame, leadership  skills, king like qualities and fearless.  A negative activation can bring all this like fame, leadership but through  misdeeds & by the way of wrongdoings.

Kalanidhi Yoga

This Yoga takes  form when Jupiter, along with Mercury and Venus, shares the 2nd and 5th houses. The native with Kalanidhi Yoga is usually experts in various forms of arts and vogue, gets social respect , fame and honor. Presence of this Kalanidhi Yoga bless the native with a  prosperous life reaping the maximum benefits of these skills. .  However negative activation of this Yoga can deprive the native of all good result of one’s artistic works.

Pushkala Yoga

The Lord of the Moon Sign and ascendant lord  placed at Kendra to each other leads the formation of this Pushkala Yoga.  A person with this Yoga in his horoscope is learned  & respected in the society. Negativity in this Yoga can & will push the native towards heading evil troop .supposed to have achieved a lot of fame and fortune. On the other hand, negative activation or influence of this Yoga can lead the native to become a leader of evil troops.

Bheri Yoga

The planets in a  horoscope occupying the Lagna,  2nd house , 7th house  and 12th  houses from Laguna forms Bheri Yoga. A positive presence of this would bless the native with long life span & a good health. On the contrary, negative activation of this Yoga could render a long  but sickly life to the person.

Final Say

Yogas are an important part of Hindu Vedic astrology. Each Yoga, formed in one’s horoscope, has a significant influence on the life of a native. These Yogas can determine the various events in an individual’s life. Apart from the aforementioned Yogas, the support of favorable placement of planets in a horoscope can & would result in many good Yogas to do many good to the natives. On the whole, a good Yoga can’t automatically do everything good. One has to work positively towards achieving it. This is the Karma correction removing all the negativeness in mind that can suppress and prevent good things from happening.

Ultimate Learning

So one should not get excited about the good things that have just started happening, because of these Yogas, We need to evaluate & comprehend to bring prosperity in our life & more importantly cherish enjoying its results for long.

Same way, every horoscope carries some Negative Doshas. One should never get scared of such things. IF we can miss the benefits of Good Yogas in a Horoscope, we can mitigate the impact of these so called Negative Doshas also.  

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