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Why the Eighth House in the Horoscope Is Considered Dangerous?

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    The twelfth house is regarded as the house of Moksha. The twelfth house is all about losses, expenditure, overseas settlement, concealed or unimaginable things, and power and the gateway to Moksha.

    When the Sun is placed in the twelfth house or it governs the twelfth house, a person’s expenditure pattern is very high.The intent is simple, show off. A person will be least bothered about the cause of his birth or purpose of life. When the Moon occupies it, the person is simply wasting his or her time by unnecessarily reacting to other people’s actions. However, this position of Moon is favorable to poets and writers as it brings extra energy to them. If planet Mars is in the twelfth house, the person always has a temptation to spend on something. By default, Mercury is debilitated in the twelfth house.

    The eighth house is a frightening house. All types of fear, including social phobia, fear of open spaces, fear of enclosed spaces, fear of darkness, fear of heights, fear of water, fear of insects, and fear of dogs, come under this house. Inheritance, accidents, and failure in events are included. This house also covers occult science and mystical science. According to Parashara, the default sign for this house is Scorpio, ruled by planet Mars.Scorpions are harmful insects that dwell in dark spaces. In fact, some deadly Scorpions in different parts of the world.


    When the Leo sign or Sun occupy the eighth house, an individual will have terror about known things. If Moon occupies the eighth house, people will experience emotional pain. Because of their hostile nature, people stay away from them. If this house let’s Mars stay in it, people resist their temptation. When these people are frightened, they unintentionally hurt or harm others.A person is very thoughtful and calculative when Mercury occupies the eighth house. A person has the fear of heights. When Jupiter is in the eighth house, the fear is intensified, especially when they are amidst public. They feel suffocated in crowded places.

    So, they always hang around in places where there are fewer people.During the presence of Venus in the eighth house, a person will have the anxiety of timely possession of things. Although they are rich, they will be worried whether they will possess the item they desired or not. They have the fear of enjoying things they wanted. Saturn’s presence in the eighth house is good as it makes an individual fearless.It’s the significator of this house.When Rahu is present in the eighth house, people are interested in knowing about occult science and mystical science. So, they’re naturally fearless. When Ketu is present in the eighth house, it’s not a good science as people are deprived of courage. Also, their confidence level is affected. Ketu arrests all the good things from a person. They become frightful all of a sudden and sweat emerges from the forehead and runs down their cheeks.

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