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Which professions and abilities are represented by Ketu?

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    These days now, most people are comfortable with at least two languages, one mother tongue, and the other one is English or Hindi largely. Not to speak of people who know much more.

    Who in this world can do without a computer, if one does not use, he is a failure in today’ s era.

    Every other person has a full say in the spiritual domain, how incompetent one may be.

    Every Job doer has a certain degree of deception, foul play, and betrayal in him.

    These are the few jobs which are attributed to Ketu, but it seems that other planets have taken over the profession what Ketu signifies.

    Consider this also, that how can a physical body less planet GIVE a permanent profession, it should ideally cast a shadow or veil on the significations of other planets and modify the traits to suit the present day significations.

    Now consider this:

    Where would you place the following jobs:

    • Funeral executors (Saturn + Ketu)
    • Firefighters (Mars + Ketu)
    • Avid blogger (Rahu +Ketu)
    • Archaeologist (Mercury + Ketu)
    • Air traffic controllers (Rahu +Ketu)
    • An occupational therapist (Mercury + Ketu)
    • A social worker (Jupiter + Ketu)
    • A massage therapist (Mars+ Ketu)
    • A law professional (Munshi) (Ketu)
    • Persons caring people who are not 100% able. (Jupiter + Ketu)
    • Those involved in post-mortems (Mars + Ketu)
    • Person guiding another set of learned lots, say Dean (Jupiter + Ketu)
    • Navigators (Mercury + Ketu)
    • Handling the dead (Saturn +Ketu)
    • Dental Assistant (Ketu)
    • Clergy working for the Government (Ketu)
    • Cosmetologist (Venus + Ketu)
    • Corrective cosmetic surgeons (Venus + Mars +Ketu)
    • Speech therapist (Mercury + Ketu)
    • Service station attendants (Mars + Ketu)
    • Security guards (Saturn +Ketu)
    • Scrap dealers and shredders (Rahu + Ketu)
    • Hospital administrators (Venus + Ketu)
    • Meter readers (Mercury + Ketu)

    All these types of Jobs can be generally or prime facie related to different planets, but they have a very heavy Ketu’s touch on them.

    Ketu modifies the virtue of a planet and comes out with a very new type of Job.

    So, gone are the days when Ketu related to only Doctors and preacher/saints, we have an entirely new variety of profession which has a Heavy Ketu impact.


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