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Which house placement of Venus is detrimental to married life for a male and why?

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    Venus is the only responsible or Karaka of marriage in a male’s horoscope. Its placement house wise although plays an important significance on the  marital life, but another important impact comes on it from  the sign where it is positioned and the associations with other planets. This also plays equal role in marital affairs.

    Other than these, for evaluating the marital bliss, the Navamsha Chart (D-9) is to be seen in tandem to the Lagna Chart.

    Let us enumerate the position house wise:

    1st house: If Venus placed in 1st house then it is a good position to be as the Karaka is in Kendra to its own 7th house.

    2nd house: If Venus is positioned in 2nd house it is not a nice position,as it has traversed eight paces (house of grave problems) from its house of activity (7th house).

    3rd House: If Venus placed in 3rd house then it is a good position for Venus, but this can impact a person to have extra affairs. (Venus in the house of courage of the ascendant.)

    4th House: If Venus placed in 4th house then it is a good position, Kendra position for Venus from the house of its activity.

    5th Position: Good position for Venus but can again force or result in additional affairs. (House of Love for the ascendant, and Upachaya house for the 7th House.)

    6th House: Bad Position, Venus in the house of Loss for the affairs of the 7th house for which it is the Doer.

    7th House: It is a very Bad Position, as Karaka in its own house.

    8th House: Bad Position, (it is the house of death for the ascendant and a Maraka house for the affairs of Seventh house), the longevity of marriage becomes a big question mark.

    9th House: Lovely Position, (Bhagya for the ascendant and Upachaya for the 7th)

    10th house: Positive & good position, (Kendra for both ascendant and the 7th house)

    11th house: Again a very optimistic & good position, (Upachaya for the ascendant and Tricone for the 7th house)

    12th House: This is  not a good position for a female native and an average position for a male native. The norms in the society are different for both the genders.

    I have tabulated the result of the position of Venus in various houses which are independent of the Sign and PAC with other planets.

    It for you to decide which one is best and which one is worst

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