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What should we do or don’t during Pitru Paksha ?

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    Remember to “do” below things during Pitru paksha:-

    • Take a bath and wear clean clothes.
    • The ritual of this puja involves the eldest member of the family, particularly the eldest son of a family.
    • Read holy books like Ganga Avataram, the tales of Nachiketa, Agni Parana and Garuda Parana.
    • Wear a ring made of Kush grass. Kush grass is a symbol of kindness and is used to invoke ancestors.
    • Offer the food, especially prepared for Shradh, to crow as it is deemed as the messenger of Yama.
    • Take blessings of Lord Vishnu by offering grass known as Darbha grass.
    • Have a meal with family members.

    “Don’t” for and during Pitru Paksha:-

    • Days of Pitru Paksha are only dedicated to ancestors and your puja will only be successful when you do perform the rituals with no negativity in mind. So, make sure you remove all negative thoughts before you start rituals.
    • Don’t instigate any new beginning like buying new clothes, buying a new home / vehicle, starting a new business, celebrating birthday or getting engaged etc.
    • Don’t take non-vegetarian food or food with onion and garlic.
    • Don’t harm animals during this period. Instead, offer them food and water whenever you can.
    • Avoid using kala namak, carrot, jeera, mustard oil while preparing food in this period.

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