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What Secrets Does Palmistry Reveal?

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    Palmistry or palm-reading is supposedly an art of predicting a person’s character/s. It’s a systematic understanding of the different aspects of the palm, including fingers’ shape, size, and color and the lines on the palm. According to Brihat Samhita, a line starting from the wrist and extending up to the middle finger is supposedly good for women. It is good for men if the line starting from the heel extending up to the foot of the toe.

    Hence, in the dissertations on Astrology, there is a definite mention about the lines on the palm. There’s a line called ‘fate line’ that can predict the fate of a person. Many upcoming events can be forecasted by reading the lines. However, just like Astrology, a number of other aspects have to be considered in order to correctly do the prediction

    The mounts of the palm corresponds to different planets that represent different qualities in a person. They also represent a person’s desires and what he or she wants to become. For instance, if three lines start from the wrist and extends towards the palm, a person is likely to become a crowned head. These mounts also indicate whether a person is determined to make things happen or endure things as they happen. If a person has a Venus mount, he or she will live a healthy life. A person will be able to satisfy his sexual urges. Thus, the life line depicts mostly the physical characteristics of a person. This can be confirmed by checking the head, heart and the mount that represents planet Mars. However, validation of the prediction can’t be done if the fatal line extends towards the mount that represents Mercury, at a certain age.

    The starting point of the line tells whether a person tries to do most of the things on his own or not. The starting high from the Jupiter mount depicts that a person is highly ambitious and hardworking.

    The lines that accompany the fatal line add complement the observations.

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