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What Planets in Vedic Astrology Indicate Love Marriage?

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    Marriage is a wonderful union of two souls that takes place with/without the consent of either or both the families. In our country, most of the marriages are arranged, although most youngsters will be curious to know whether theirs is going to be love marriage or arranged marriage. They check horoscopes in newspapers and magazines to know about it. A well-versed astrologer can predict someone’s nature of marriage by looking at various combinations. There are certain combinations that depict love marriage and certain combinations that depict arranged marriage. We need to check which of them outweigh the others.

    Planet Responsible for Love Marriage

    Planet Venus represents love and romance. It signifies love marriage. Chances of love marriage are more if the position of Venus is powerful in the 1st, 5th, 7th, or 11th house.

    Moon signifies calmness and mind. So, marriages are mostly arranged when it is in conjunction with Venus. However, if Moon is badly influenced by Rahu, an unconventional marriage is possible.

    If there’s Rahu’s influence marriages will happen in a way that is against the norms in the society. When it is in conjunction with Venus, it can make a person obsessed with someone. Love marriages, by far, outnumber arranged marriages.

    Mars presents a person with strong will, determination, and courage that help challenge all the odds. When it is with Venus, it creates attraction between two people.

    The Lord of the seventh house when retrogrades in the second house of family or ninth house that represents tradition causes disputed marriages or marriages against traditions.

    Jupiter is a planet of normal and tradition. However, when it retrogrades, marriages can happen in a different style.

    When Saturn is in the seventh house and afflicted by Moon or Mercury, there’s a big age gap with the spouse.

    Important Houses that Decide How a Person’s Marriage

    It is important to find out how the Lord of the seventh house is placed as he plays an important role in deciding a marriage. If he occupies the first, fifth or eleventh house, love marriages are mostly possible.

    The fifth house governs love affairs. However, if the Lord of the fifth house joins hands with the Lord of the seventh house, arranged marriage is possible.

    The eleventh house represents friend circle. Friendship can become love. So, this house has to be checked.

    The eighth house represents secret relationship. A person can indulge in unorthodox activities.

    Above all, one’s Dasha, along with the placement of the planets in the Namsha chart has to be checked.


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