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What is the solution for the hurdles and the obstacles if one has so many planets in the 8th house?

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    Firstly I would like to ask you some question about the type of difficulty comes in your life because of these planets, after that I will start my explanation.

    1. There are any effects on your health by those planets.
    2. Do you daydream?
    3. Are you the owner of a butcher house?
    4. Do you want to defraud with the government
    5. Do you have to take a loan even for small needs?
    6. Do you have too much manipulation?
    7. Do you want to earn money without hard work?
    8. Do you imagine getting a lot of money suddenly?
    9. Do you wish to open a shipping or boat company?
    10. Are you still that kind of person who is in infancy?
    11. Are you connected to drugs?
    12. Are those planets related to your claim on your ancestral property?
    13. Do you constantly fear the death?
    14. Are you a politician?
    15. Do you know any mechanism/ Tantra Sadhna
    16. Are you gambler?


    Of all the questions I have  asked, except for the question of health, all other questions are related to bad deeds which can give this status of the planets to the person

    Now consider over it also,

    Now take the example of people like Ira Einhorn, Claire Bretécher, Amitabh Bachchan, Guy Tréjan, Michel Jobert and many more . These people got phenomenal success in their own domains inspite that they had three planets in the eighth house. .

    Same way some people like Paul Coia, Giorgio Rognoni, Jean-François Bizot, Haakon VII of Norway and many more had 4 planets in their 8th house . But still these people rose to unprecedented heights & nothing could stop their growth.

    Therefore no hurdles are created by any planets in the 8th House else above people would not have achieved the success inspite having 3 or even 4 planets in their 8th house. Otherwise my above questions would hold better grounds.




    Most of the significations of 8th house are dark:-

    Except the health as mentioned in the point no 1 above, nothing is immensely required in life. But we faulter on our karmas in a greed to obtain whatever written above. So it is not the planets in 8th house from Lagna but own karma to be blamed.

    Planets in 8th are good in other house significations:-

    Now consider this:

    The presence of different planets in the eighth house gives the person many benefits in business. ( 8th house is 11th (Upachaya form 10th house), so it is placement which is extremely good for the significations of the 10th house.

    Thus, presence of various planets in the eighth house will be excellent for eleventh house as 8th is a Kendra position for the 11th house. It is also good for the significations of 12th house as is a Tricone/trine to this house (8th house) and likewise we can see that, this placement of many planets in 8th house from the ascendant is as good as other placements of planets as also as bad as other placement of planets.

    Therefore do not worry or perform actions to reduce the hurdles of planets but correct your karmas & do not aim to achieve something for which you have neither worked nor deserve.

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