What is the result when both the Sun and Saturn are debilitated for a Scorpio Lagna?

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    In this planetary position, both father and Son would  have lack of strength in their horoscope. The Saturn in Aries with lack of strength which will necessarily means that it is retrograde and the Sun is in Libra (debilitated)

    The rule of retrogression says when the  position of planets are good then its power will increase and if it is powerless then they act in the adverse direction. However, this rule may not be applicable every time.

    Now according to this rule the debilitated planet Saturn becomes exalted, and the aspect of an exalted Saturn on a debilitated planet Sun becomes is a Neech-Bhanga Yoga.

    Now, the second thing, Sun is positioned third to his own house (third is new opportunities), and the lord of third (new opportunities and Upachaya house) and the lord of 4th are positioned in the 6th house (from 3rd it is Kendra, and from 4th it is Upachaya Position).

    Now though these are naturally enemy planets due to the mutual aspect and occupying the Upachaya positions from their respective houses, they would  give new opportunities for the individual.

    If the native is 1969-1970 born then, the Jupiter supports Saturn (the labor with brains phenomena occurs) and if the native in 1999 then Jupiter supports Sun (the brains and honor phenomena happens).

    So In no case it is bad, as the Lagna is well supported by the Lord of Lagna (Either it is exalted or Ucchabhilashi, intending exaltation), Here also the Neech Bhanga of Saturn happens as its depositor (Mars) is exalted or it intends exaltation.

    The Son (Saturn) impacts its father (Sun) and they both can do wonder for the native.

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