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What is the Influence of Saturn When it is in the Twelfth House?

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    The planet Saturn has a natural liking towards achieving infinite intelligence. Saturn is synonymous with several names such as Shaniacharya, Saniswarya, Kaala Raja and Shani. The Twelfth house, having connection with Vyaya Sthaana, is a dark room that is forced to be invisible. Saturn’s main role is performing Karmic duties. So, whether a native suffers or enjoys, it is because of his Karma or Saturn’s Karmic duties. A person achieves the endurance, a quality that is highly endured because of Saturn

    There’s a statement in the Bhagavad Gita, popularly referred to as Hindu Bible: Time I’m a destroyer of the worlds, and I have come to engage all men”. Bhagvad Gita 11: 32.

    When Saturn is in the Twelfth House, a Native is Likely to Possess the Following Qualities

    1. The Karmic duties of the natives won’t allow them to be peaceful. Also, they’re cut off from spiritual guidance. They can spend sleepless nights.
    2. Some can have a phobia towards distant places, especially foreign lands.
    3. The natives are advised not to indulge in illicit activities. If you do, you’re running the risk of being behind the bars.
    1. It’s time for retreat.
    2. The natives might encounter abrupt changes at workplace. As mentioned earlier, the some natives have difficulty in sleeping. Some changes in their bedroom can help restore sleep – changing the mattress.
    3. Having said that, the situations might turn out to be favorable if it is of exalted sign. The natives might fight for social justice, but they are deprived of any support from the government.
    4. The natives are advised to engage in spiritual activities.
    5. Speculation should be avoided so as not to give way for problems.
    6. Do not compare your lives with others.
    7. Saturn Aspecting the Houses:
    • Saturn aspecting the second house: The natives might fear about losing their wealth, gained through inheritance.
    • Saturn aspecting the Ripu and Rog Sthaana: The natives are advised to be extra careful lest they should go into debts and face legal issues. Health issues such as pain in the lower back, intestinal problems, and leg pain are common.
    • Conflicts with family members, especially with father may occur. His or her profound distaste for spirituality is questioned by elders.
    • The natives thrive for peace; they suffer from anxiety and depression.
    • The natives are advised to indulge in social activities outside of their hometown.

    Effects of Saturn During Mahadasha

    The effects of Saturn are much pronounced during the Mahadasha period and if the twelfth house is negatively influenced by malefic planets. Hospitalization owing to health concerns, heavy financial losses, and troubles with government and society are seen. Since Saturn moves at a snail’s pace, it causes a lot of delay. The eighth and twelfth houses are considered as natural houses. The eighth house called ‘Ayur Bhava’, represents longevity while the twelfth house called ‘Vyaya Sthaana’, represents delay and weakness.

    Although natives have too much faith and interest in spirituality, they can’t comprehend them. So, get in touch with a spiritual guru. Positivity and patience are the key. This is a phase in which one can master all senses. Although significant distortion is seen, the end results are fruitful.

    Lagna tells how strong an ascendant is. Thus, the entire strength of the chart has to be examined without analyzing the d9 chart or Navamsha and Chalit chart with respect to degrees. Also, many combinations of planet Saturn, being retrograde, are not seen. The chart is also examined for other transitional changes and doshas. The other aspects that are checked include the constellation in which Saturn resides, planets that aspect Saturn, and sub-lord of Saturn. Rupa and Virupa are seen for power checking. Thus, Saturn can either be beneficial or malefic.

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