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What Is the Influence of High-Ranking Venus on Married Life?

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    Venus is the lord of many things – Wealth, luxury, beauty, creativity, arts, music, dance, acting, fashion, sex, etc., In other words, Venus can be called the ‘Lord of joy’.

    Venus’s influence can be good or bad, depending on its state – exaltation in Pisces or controller of Taurus and Libra. Even if Pisces is exalted in ascendant, it is deprived of power since power is taken over by Libra. Because Jupiter rules Pisces, the prospects of Jupiter also have to be checked.

    Venus or Shukra is the lord of Asuras (demons). In Mahabharata, one of the Indian epic stories, lord Venus, aka, Shukracharya gave half of his power to Pandavas and the remaining half to Kauravas.

    Yes, an exalted Venus can be have bad influence on the natives. Read further to know how Venus, the lord of Joy, has bad influence:

    • Venus, which rules the sign Libra, occupies the eighth house. A person is inflicted by problems in the nerves
    • A person might be disliked by people because he acts like a bumptious little know-all sometimes
    • Rahu’s position in Taurus is not a good sign. During this time, a native tries to derive pleasure by wrong means such as gambling, taking drugs, alcohol, and womanizing
    • Rahu, in the third house (one of the Upachaya houses), does good
    • If the moon is in Taurus, a person is negatively impacted

    In a nutshell, Venus is the Kaaraka (doer) well as Maarak (deadly) when in the exalted state in the ascendant.

    Take note of the following aspects:

    • If Venus goes into retrograde while in the exalted state in the ascendant, then the ascendant loses its power
    • Since Venus is the Kaarak of the seventh house, it can aspect it. This has to be checked.
    • Navamsha or D-9 chart whose Kaarak is Venus has to be checked
    • The degree of the ascendant
    • When Sun and Moon are in the second house, the power of the ascendant diminishes. In this case, the Chalit chart has to be checked more than the Lagan chart.

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