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What is the effect of Moon in the 2nd House?

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    Even a waning Moon gives favorable results in this house. The individual usually doesn’t suffer from the lack of funds, no debts, money supply being strictly by the family’s standards and the sources of the individual’s grossing. Here the individual can also earn a rental income or a nice periodic return from investments. Whatever the Rasi is in the 2nd house, the individual remains within own resources and budget rather strictly.

    The position of this Moon activates the Venusians traits also. It engages the native on extra spending on clothes and wardrobe of self and family and also on medical treatments.  These individuals are not fond of consuming drugs and drinks heavily, but they do sometimes store a good quantity of wines, beer, and other alcoholic beverages and cold beverages for consumption in the company of friends and guests.

    These native are showy and they showoff by exposing their desire to have more of the silver ware and keep their hope full of bedsheets and linings. But if any of Mars,Mercury, Saturn is with Moon in the 2nd house, the artificialism gets exposed easily and quickly too.

    These native try and mould their spouses to their own liking but their efforts often give no results.

    The 2nd house is related to wealth, the collection of precious assets and valuable items of daily use, the individuals, are often fond of collecting all these in life

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