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What Happens When Venus and Rahu Occupy the First House?

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    Venus, known as Shukra or Shukracharya, became the Guru of Asuras as he did not have the necessary qualities to teach the Devas. ‘Shukra’ means bright in Sanskrit. Planet Venus is all about beauty, love & romance, spouse (for men), luxury, and arts. Rahu makes people think they are more powerful than they think. The well-known Asura Svarbhanu became immortal as he faked the appearance of the Devas.

    Rahu does not work noticeably. Instead he from behind the scene until his plans are executed. Rahu has control on the following:

    • What to do?
    • Who will do it?
    • Where to do?

    What Happens When the Luxurious Venus Conjuncts with Rahu?

    1. Diplomacy: because Venus is all about diplomacy, a person is cautious and tactful and will not take any side hurriedly and Rahu amplifies this quality.
    2. Beauty: if Venus conjuncts with Rahu in Taurus, Libra, or Pisces, without any influence of malefic planets, a person is blessed with an attractive personality.
    3. Beautiful wife: a person marries a beautiful lady, mostly from far away distance from his place. Perhaps, she may be from a different country and culture, altogether.
    4. Extra-marital affairs: If there is no benefic influence of planets, a person will mostly have extra-marital affairs. In some cases, the person would have had many affairs before marriage.
    5. Social change: Because of some benefit, a person will be involved in fighting against the immoral things in the society. Later he is regarded as an eminent social activist.
    6. Wealth: A person will have abundant wealth, but he or she will exhaust everything if there is no benefic aspect.
    7. Communication or Arts or Literature: if a person is in favorable Mahadasha, he or she will have profound taste in arts. They might get into acting or movie-making.
    8. Mass fame: If the Mahadasha is supporting and Rahu and Venus are in a good sign, with benefic aspects, a person will become a popular figure in the society. This status will last for a long time.

    Note: if women have this connection, they lure men. Rahu complements the vivacious beauty of Venus in all angles.

    First House

    Aries, the first house of the horoscope formed in terms of sunrise, is the house of one’s way of thinking or the state of mind; brain. Sun naturally signifies this sign that represents the new beginnings and youthful environment an individual gets in life. The generalized characters are seen from the ascendant.

    What happens when Venus conjuncts with Rahu in the first house?

    People whose horoscopes show this conjunction are extremely ambitious and long for worldly happiness through plentiful wealth, jewelry, cars, and in some cases, they go the extra mile in order to satisfy their sexual pleasure. A person with this conjunction falls in relationship with someone in the early part of their lives. He or she will take extra care about their appearance in order to draw attention of other people.

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