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What Happens to a Native When Venus Is in Mahadasha?

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    The planet “Shukra”, meaning brightness, is known as Venus and the name “Shukracharya” is derived from the word “Shukra”. In Greek mythology, Venus is regarded as the planet of love and passion. Shukra governs three constellations – Bharani, Purvaphalguni and Purvazadha. In other words, Shukra, known as the kaaraka of material things, is the administrator of worldly matters and naturally benefic. A significant duration of our lives is in Shukra’s hands. The period during which Shukra takes on complete rulership is called Shukra Dasha that goes on for twenty years.

    During the phase of Venus, the following things are to be taken into account:

    Aakarshana (Attraction)

    Akarshana comes into picture as soon as Shukra Dasha starts. Shukra takes the seventh house of the horoscope. Abundant bliss and psychic attraction on the path of partnership is seen. Sexual mating, matchmaking, and mutual interests are all observed from the seventh house of the horoscope. That is the reason, the Kaaraka of unconditional romance, creativity, poetic skills, and acting are inspired by the seventh house, which correlates with the fifth.

    Money or Comforts

    Shukra, aka Dhanakaaraka, associates with Dhana (money) and comforts. The native is attracted toward materialistic things. Fortunately, he or she is supplied with enough wealth and money. Most natives believe that success will follow only when you have money in the bank account.

    Career or Profession

     Generally, the tenth house of the horoscope is examined to know about the career prospects, partnerships, peers, mentors, and counselors. If Venus, in conjunction with Mercury, positively influences a person, he or she will become a popular celebrity. It can be through various arts such as acting, composing music, or singing. A native can also become an engineer. If a native is creative and wise enough he or she will make the best use of money. Also, Shukra is the Kaaraka when it comes to acquiring divine knowledge.


    After enduring the Ketu Dasha that goes on for seven years, a native wants to get back to his accustomed way of life. He wants to do all those things that he missed for seven long years. He or she will become very active in socializing, be in a shopping spree, and frequents Spas and massage parlors.

    Marriage and Relationships

    During Shukra Dasha, the native becomes extremely romantic and is immensely benefitted from woman. Incorporating new things, experimenting exotic dishes, and traveling are like icing to the cake. He becomes an avid foodie. He does all this in quest of becoming the center of attraction. During Shukra Dasha, inimical incidents such as divorce, re-marriage, and separation are possible.

    However, if Venus is influenced by other malefic planets or is not that powerful, the natives might go in debts. He will be worrying about the heaps of loans he has taken. Consequently, he goes into a depressed state and indulges in alcohol and drugs. Some become womanizers while some become female escort managers. On the whole, every planet gives good as well as bad results. All you have to do is put it in the right direction.

    The natives with Libra, Taurus, or Pisces Shukra are considered powerful, but only as long as they are not in Dusthana house (evil house). Also, Shukra creates a very strong Raj Yoga known as Malaviya Yoga if it is of any of the signs above and situated in Kendra.

    If Venus becomes a malefic planet owing to combinations of charts, then, any of the following disorders can afflict a native:

    • Kidney problems
    • Diabetes mellitus
    • Hormonal problems
    • Urinary tract infections
    • Prostate gland problems
    • Problems in the pelvis region
    • Problem in blood circulation
    • HIV

    The native afflicted by any of the above will be rehabilitated if Venus blends harmoniously combines with any other planetary body. The combinations can alter the state completely.

    The following combinations are to be checked without fail:

    • Sun and Venus
    • Venus and Saturn
    • Venus and Rahu/Ketu

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