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What are the remedies to be done for a bad Rahu in Rahu Mahadasha?

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    Please do not compare the bad Rahu according to any classical texts. Do you know what the signs of bad Rahu are? To the charts with the same intentions as the seers wrote them.

    Now focus on what I’m going to tell so you will not merely be gazing at any chart unnecessary.

    A punk becomes powerful when it has enough support for his followers and leaders. A company works well when it is supported by good people. A person performs well in his life when he gets support of his family, friends and relatives. Whenever someone’s superiority is to  evaluated, it depends on people, circumstances surrounding he native & the impact / contribution

    Similarly, if there is a “bad Rahu”, if it is supported by undesirable planets, this improves the infernal power of Rahu and if this bad Rahu is supported by the benevolent planets, then its power to give bad fruits decreases.

     Let me clarify it a bit more.

    1. The triangle from Rahu of the beneficial planets or presence in the center will greatly reduce the negativity of bad Rahu.
    2. The triangle from Rahu of the beneficial planets or presence in the center will greatly reduce the negativity of bad Rahu.
    3. The presence of malefic planets in six, eight or twelfth house sense will reduce the negativity of bad Rahu.
    4. The presence of beneficial planets in the six, eight or twelfth house sense will increase the negativity of bad Rahu.

    Understand what I want to tell, see your chart and access the following things


    1. Position of Rahu in your chart, is it good bad or neutral


    1. The harmful planets with Rahu are supporting its negativity or negating its negativity.


    1. The positive planets with Rahu are negating its negativity or aggravating the negativity.

    Now consider on the Dasha part;

    The Dasha of Rahu gives:

    1. Entry of some foreign elements in life
    2. Having a social exclusion
    3. Rise of new unexpected situations
    4. Lack of indolence and concentration
    5. The awakening of greed, craze and desires in any depth.
    6. Generating misunderstandings
    7. Seems to be a secret.
    8. Adopt rebellious attitude
    9. Breakdown of old traditions.
    10. One can lose everything that he had before the commencement of the Dasha.
    11. Extremely attached to worldly activities.
    12. Unusual bend towards intoxications




    As we have learned above, which planets have negative or positive support in Rahu. That is why in the state of Rahu, the planets whose differences (Bhukti) have to be beneficial for the person or will be evil, will be able to know easily.

    Rahu Dasha – Partition

    Rahu – Rahu’s first period runs for 2 years, eight months and 12 days, and it gives the effect which is the Rahu and combination with other planet.

    Rahu’s second quintuple / difference is of Jupiter, whose period is 2 years 4 months and 24 days, next again Saturn (2 years 10 months and 6 days), then Mercury (2 years 6 months and 18 days), then Ketu (1 Year and 18th day), then the Vedas (3 years), then the sun (10 months and 2 days), then the moon (1 year and 6 days), and then the end of Mars (1 year and 18 days) Mahadasha In which the good or bad difference (Bhukti) planets are according to good or evil (as I Hanging has been described above).

    This is also a point of view on Rahu’s condition –

    Rahu is a natural beneficial planet for Taurus, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, and therefore these good people give good results.

    Sun Moon and Mars for Rahu are evil planets, so Rahu can be disturbed with these planets, or the discomfort can be catastrophic, but if Sun Moon and Mangal are related to Rahu in relation to the above mentioned, then there is a great reduction in this catastrophic condition. Might be possible.

    In the last phase of Rahu’s condition, those people have to face extremely difficulties which are staggered with the objectives and values ​​of life, and the survival of these people becomes inevitable. Then these people will get new beginning in Jupiter Major Period.

    Remedies for Rahu:

    When Rahu is bad and problem giving :

    1. Avoid Committing and over committing.
    2. Regular use of Rahu related items such as mobile phone internet and other modern equipment should be avoided and these items should be kept fast once a week.
    3. TV Cinema Internet, etc., which should be avoided, should be avoided.

    4.       Avoid adopting new types of yoga and the use of old techniques in a new way.

    1. One should avoid too much indulgence in big cities,

    6.       All types of intoxication and obesity should be avoided.7.       Any new thinking should not be pursued in the following and the aspirations should be kept at the lowest level.

    1. Avoid trying to copy mass trends at it is going to let one down.
    2. Sticking to a vegetarian diet, where ever possible, is also a good way of reducing Rahu’s illusory effect.


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