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What are the remedies of Pitru Dosha?

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    The Remedies Of Pitru Dosha are:-

    • Performing “Pindi” Shradh
    • Giving water to Banyan Tree
    • Completing Shrad on the date when our ancestors have expired
    • During the month of Shrad one must offer water to their ancestors for 15 days regularly.
    • One must offer food, water and clothes in a temple on the day of Amavasya.
    • Family members must follow the monthly “Purnima” and Amavasya and offer food and water to God in their home as well in some temple.
    • Also during the time of Mahalaya, each members of the family must visit the temple OR take bath in Ganges praying for the soul of their deceased family members to rest in peace.
    • Give a donation to Brahmin in the name of our forefathers.
    • Family suffering from Pitra Dosh must observe Shrad and with full respect must perform the rituals for blessings from their ancestors.
    • Chant Mantras of Devi Kali and perform puja in Purnima.

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