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What Are the Effects of Shani’s Seven and Half Year Cycle?

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    If your knowledge and experience in astrology is between an amateur and expert, then you would have probably heard about the terms Shani Mahadasha (Shani Period) and Shani Antardasha (Shani Sub-period) someone’s faith is shattered.

    Is Saturn a Demi God? Why is He Called Shanidev?

    Let’s not worry about the powers of Shanidev now. Shanidev is a hard head master and takes charge of Karma. He follows stringency and discipline always and is always like an infuriated old man or boss.

    Why Should You Be Afraid of Saturn?

    Saturn’s outer look like that of a coconut is deceptive. The hardness and fibrous look of a coconut is not synonymous with kindness. So, a person does not see its true nature unless he considers the other aspects of it (tenderness and softness inside a coconut). For, example, no matter how good a guy is, a girl might not fall for him on the very first date as she does not know the true nature of the guy.

    On the other hand, when soft, velvety flowers fall on you from a tree, you will feel very happy without know the fact that Saturn can disguise as a soft flower and inflict you with pain. People are also afraid of Saturn thinking he ruins everything, deprives a person of wealth and money and makes him a peasant.

    Are these true?

    If you take into consideration only the problems he has caused, you will feel they are true. But, if you know why he does this, you will feel (it will take some time, may be ages) they are blessings in disguise.

    What is Saade Saati?

    Sade Sati is a time period of seven and half years (sub period in Saturn) that startles people. This period is seen in a person’s horoscope. Now, I think you will agree that you can do a business with an office, phone, and some minimal resources. Should you know how they were designed, constructed and developed? No. You just have to know how to use them. You have to keep only that in mind. For each and every person, the Kundli or birth chart or horoscope is different. Sade Sati is seen in every horoscope but at different stages. However, this period is not permanent. This is a testing period just like a series of tests and interviews that you have to go through in job interviews.

    Saturn does give pain. But, remember: “No pain, No gain.” That’s why we must worship Saturn and gain his trust.

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