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What Are the Benefits of Gajakesari Yoga?

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    Gajakesari Yoga is one of the most popular Yogas, known for the benefits it gives. It is also a Yoga that is not understood correctly by many people. Only authentic texts have the correct information. Modern texts, on the other hand, have additional texts that are added to make it fanciful, making Gajakesari Yoga, a little confusing. Moreover, some modern texts include the benefits of other Yogas in this Yoga. The following are some benefits that are wrongly included in Gajakesari Yoga:

    • Just like the planet Venus represents love and romance and has nothing to do with wealth accumulation, Gajakesari Yoga is not associated with money. However, if Jupiter and Moon influences Gajakesari Yoga, a person might become wealthy.
    • Same thing holds good as far as name and fame. A person will become very popular or attain the highest post of dignity when other planets are playing a role.
    • Gajakesari Yoga does not play any role with respect to the appearance of a person.

    The results of any Yoga are nothing more than standardization of certain elementary astrological principles. If you understand these principles, you will be able to understand Gajakesari Yoga well. The following analyses will help understand Gajakesari Yoga:

    Jupiter and Moon are the two celestial bodies that are related to finances


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