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Is the Mangal Dosha so terrible or a gross misrepresentation of astrological facts?

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    Sometimes, we believe few things because others said it or blindly believe it. Its like a cat coming on your way when you leave the house will affect you adversely, OR itching in the right hand ( male) and left hand ( for female) will get you sudden money & like wise. The way these mis-conceptions go around in the society, same way people believe that Mangal Dosha in a horoscope is al ways bad & a curse for marriage. This is nothing but myth created or spread by the people who don’t know the deep analysis of a horoscope. 

    There are just one or two original authentic works on Manglik Dosha, and the rest of those which are available in the market are cookbooks. These  are just rephrasing of the original book without verifying the facts.

    If you ever get an opportunity to sit near a Karamkandi Pandit (who is expert only in rituals), you will see that he reads the horoscope of different people and blames them with some flaws. He is not competent to read deep of a horoscope but just know some thich rules and would  blemish almost everyone with this Mangal Dosha analogy. And unfortunately many a times even the people educated with modern science fall into this trap labeling them as Manglik which gets further supported by the on going myths as explained above.

    If a particular condition of the horoscope indicates  the person having Mangal Dosha or Bhoom Dosha then the same must be true for other malefic planets such as one should be having Surya Dosha or Rahu Dosha or for that matter Saturn Dosha and Ketu Dosha.

    After analyzing the horoscope, we found that Mangal Dosha is not causing this placement of Mars in different homes and if the Chandra Kundali  is seen, then the effect of Mangal Dosha  defect is generated, then if there arises Mangal defect due to the  Lagna Kundali and the Chandra Kundali then these Karmakandi Pandits should  verify the Mangal Dosha from the Shukra (Venus) Kundali of the person.

    I have seen very few people who analyze the Mangal Dosha from Navasha Chart. And the most painful thing is with a thumb impression, these  karmakandis make their followers foolish and force them to take all the measures that  are told by the astrologers to save from Mangal Dosha.

    Now, these astrologers while replying to people here on this platform become very wise when it comes to assigning the results of a single planet in a house or sign.

    All ritualistic pundits describe the effect of any one planet correlating the overriding affect of many other planets. Then I wonder as to  why do they forget this analogy while exploring the Mangal Dosh?


    • Is only placement / position of Mars has negative effects and no other planet?
    • Has this condition of Mars subdued or eaten up  the effects of the other eight planets?
    • Does Mangal not have the factor of transit or dasha as it changes the impact.
    • Is Mars the only malefic or negative even though it is a functional beneficiary in the chart?
    • Does Mangal Dosha not get benefits of the others plus points of Mars?
    • Should we not see Mars’s relation and location  with other planets?

    Now analyzing the horoscope of those whose marital life is not good or they have lost their life partner or have separated from their life partner, it will be difficult to investigate the Mars or Mars defect.

    I am describing some of the causes whose influence a person’s marital life terribly and it was certainly not due to Mangal Dosha.

    1. Extra marital affairs and infidelity,
    2. Sexual problems particularly a loss of libido.
    3. Family issues
    4. Excessive use of social media
    5. Addiction etc.
    6. Do not accompany the life partner in the difficult situation.
    7. Concern, care and lack of consideration
    8. No good relationship with family or friends or excessive co-sharing.
    9. Having any kind of rigidity leading to domestic fights.
    10. Hiding essential things from each other.
    11. Unrealistic expectations both physically and mentally.
    12. Work-related or long-term mental health issues are causing prolonged periods of stress
    13. Lack of responsibility from one partner regarding finances.
    14. Poor vision for the future
    15. Traumatic or life-changing events.
    16. Spouses grow beyond a level compared to each other.


    After my two decades of experience, I have come to the conclusion that Jupiter is a major cause of relationships issues and it works quietly. Means people do not realize that it is working in against but start blaming Mangal Dosha. 

    You can compare to a well known spiritual Guru resorting to malpractices including women violence and finally taken to crimes. Nobody suspects, and he masterly completes his job and the blame come on the masses, those who are aggressive like Mangal.

    So it is better to be Manglik than to be in malefic Jupiter.


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