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In which house does Jupiter and Moon combine to give the best results?

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    Jupiter and Moon combine is opinion to be the Gaj-Kesri Yoga. But wait! Every union of the Jupiter and Moon does not result in this Yoga. There are a few conjunctions which more often than not evacuate this Yoga. (NOT THE SUBJECT OF THIS WRITEUP)

    Anyway, this conjunction, with or without the Yoga has some merits which specially depend at the house of the position of these two planets.

    Let us know what all they have to provide for every house in a horoscope.

    Jupiter and Moon combination in the first House:

    • It can give difficulty with or from the law.
    • The native are well educated in accounts or business management or lawmaking, law or economics and are often keen to put their education and experience in full use.
    • Jupiter with Moon in the 1st house have capacity to give headaches and worries about financial of self and pressing needs of self, life-partner and the instant family.
    • Unexpected and somewhat unmanageable spend of money, leading to borrowing even on hard terms and conditions.
    • Very special about being properly paid for their work, whatever the field of work.
    • The native/individual has very attractive personality, better complexion than an average person of that region or climate.
    • The native gets married to a very beautiful or charming spouse.
    • Misconception/Misunderstanding with the family of the life-partner.
    • Moon does interfere with Jupiter’s presence in the 1st house and allows the native to take sides.
    • The individual keeps the natural of greed to hide always.
    • The matrimony brings a fortune at the time of marriage or within three years of marriage. Subsequently, too, the spouse proves very lucky.
    • Jupiter exercises control on Moon in its conjunction with Moon in the 1st house and normally does not make free Moon to disturb the newborn’s life as such during the first two years, which otherwise Moon does.

    Moon and Jupiter combination in the 2nd House:

    • Even if the individual makes investments in risky avenues, Moon and Jupiter in 2nd rarely give losses.
    • This conjunction makes a good perception of line of investments and the popular market trends.
    • The conjunction of Moon and Jupiter’s is a favorite for this second house.
    • They liberally give charity to men servants or some purposes, and they can go to levels to arrange the funds even.
    • These individuals have very stable memory in money matters
    • These two planets will make the individual more productive than the finances position in the pre-career stage.
    • These individuals are fond of good food and have a good appetite for it.
    • These natives are good speakers, and their speech is often coupled with befitting quotations, and poems.
    • The native enjoys a superb status and honour in society.
    • These natives enjoy a high level of fame and respect because of their honesty.

    Moon and Jupiter combination in 3rd house:

    • These particular natives do not prefer physical violence, fighting, proceeding to the front-line.
    • Brevity and writing to the point, be it a contract, agreements, undertaking, appeal, decision or written arguments is the specialty of these individuals.
    • In business deals, these individuals are within bearable limits, and therefore, their customers impose greater faith in them and their goods-in-trade.
    • The Individual becomes a calculated worker, for geting anticipated result or return and for that this much quantum of work would prove adequate.
    • They may be fluent in an oral talk, discussion or argument, but not in writing, because in lecturing on religion, cult, faith, a performance of assigned or undertaken duties, one has to be elaborate for the matter going home with the listeners.

    Moon and Jupiter combination in 4th house:

    • They want others in the family or their employs to render physical service to the parents, and they are willing to pay for it.
    • They want an effective mode of transport, nice food at home or elsewhere as a customer or as a guest. But they are rarely a paying customer at any hotel or restaurant unless they want to go out for food with the whole family or with the life partner.
    • In the same breath, these particular native have a vigilant eye on inheritance from parents.
    • They maintain the desire for comfortable and nicely built residence in a posh locality.
    • They are fond of traveling, more from an income point of view than that of unadulterated pleasure and happiness (with or without family).
    • They are downy / soft to parents, more financially than physically.
    • They are always desirous to social respect for their knowledge and work.
    • These individuals are mostly interested in proper payment for their work or services, wherever and whomsoever they work for.
    • They like good sleep and want a short rest during work hours too, and don’t want to be disturbed when sleeping or taking rest.

    Moon and Jupiter combination in 5th house:

    • These individuals are particular about education to their children and want one or two to follow their footsteps and enter into the same line of the career as they are in.
    • These natives are not against to receiving or giving illegal gratifications, because they often have an eye on getting rich, and outdoing others in riches and living in a manner that pleases the eye of the observers. They are not averse to wide publicity about self, and their achievements, worth publicity or not.
    • They have desirous to get a son first and also more sons than daughters.
    • They often try to prove themselves successful in management, wherein they use humbleness mixed with tricks and underground information about assistant, colleagues, employees and sometimes about seniors, employers, and competitors too. They have no hesitation in using that information for something like blackmail in a mild manner if they stand to derive some benefit or other privilege from it.
    • They prove efficient law – persons, both on a bar and bench but they should not be taken as “above board’.
    • Because they often have an eye on gains from any event or development affecting their work or life, they do not mind minor or major insults during their education or work, whatever to be the field thereof. In work too, they have eyes fixed on prospects and gains, not on competition.
    • These natives are very particular about marriage and advantage from that place. Be it a boy or a girl. They have an eye also on future expectations of benefit from the marriage. Other points take the second place in decision-making.
    • These natives pay special attention to education in law, economics, business management, accounts, government or semi-government job-oriented training, and ultimately go into the same career as is in accordance with the education received. Very seldom there is a diversion from the field of education received.

    Moon and Jupiter combination in 6th house:

    • The native is very litigious, and legal-minded, with or without any study or substantial knowledge of the law.
    • If the person benefit from services of these individuals obtain a second opinion that would be beneficial.
    • The native is very much calculative in financial matters. Further, because Jupiter doesn’t allow too many funds in the hands of the native, she or he would be forced to miserliness in dealings, charity and spending money on wider family.
    • Normally the conclusions and decisions of these individuals in economic matters and financial planning or estimates of costs of any venture or midstream estimate for any big work misfire in the end.

    Moon and Jupiter combination in 7th house:

    • The spouse always try to maintain good credit in the market, as far as possible intercept borrowing cash, and if an occasion arises, the couple tries to repay the loan as soon as possible.
    • Health-wise, the individual makes good effort to maintain good health and not to grow the body weight much beyond advice limits vis-à-vis height and age, but sometimes the body weight doesn’t respond to the individual’s effort and goes much beyond the prescribed limits.
    • Moon with Jupiter in the 7th house is a favorable and pleasure-giving combination for the individual and the life partner.
    • The particular native also maintains cordial relations with life partner and family on both sides.
    • Both being soft planets, the native doesn’t start or take the initiative in picking up a quarrel or fight, but if needed, the native doesn’t delay to start litigation, rather quickly and easily, if the cause demands.

    Moon and Jupiter combination in 8th house:

    • Sometimes while operating the safety deposit vault too, the native drops some costly items from the vault or forgets properly locking the vault after use.
    • Jupiter with Moon in 8th house give an excess of emotional hurt to the native, strong feeling that the world is grasping and dishonest, but without betterment in attitude in future.
    • The same is the story about theft from the possession/ purse or kit of the individual.
    • The individual take a loan from private sources on a heavy rate of interest or mortgage of jewelry or property, and they might suffer a loss of either, because of failure to repay in time or as a result of the court decree.
    • The individual indulges in speculation in all kinds of shares and stocks and often suffers a big loss.
    • The individual gets cheated easily, and then becomes wise after the initial brunt.
    • The individual tends giving threats of legal action and litigation, for justified or unjustified incitement.
    • Same is the outcome in betting at card games, horse races of every activity of gambling type.
    • The individual is often willing to give financial help or loan even to undeserving persons, again repents own action after giving and non-recovery of the loan.

    Moon and Jupiter combination in 9th house:

    • These individuals have a right bend of mind mostly in all matters.
    • These particular natives are given to forgiveness on mistakes or irresponsibility of duty or dishonesty of small nature, and the result is either physical punishment, or it is a legal offense imposition of fine, and on second or third repetition straight dismissal from the job.
    • They are generous and helpful to their staff, servants, dependents, and assistant to a justified extent only, and not in a wrong manner.
    • They are not null of a sense of romance or could be an extra marital affair.
    • If a dispute crops up about inheritance or their dues against anyone pending repayment beyond the mutually agreed date, these individuals do not hesitate to initiate legal action.
    • They do indulge in speculation in shares and stocks, though not in gambling, betting, etc. They go in for card games but not on the waste of money.
    • They are fond of law, rules, and regulations.
    • If these individuals renounce the family life, they make their “will” and as far as possible give possession of assigned assets to the persons named in the “will.”

    Moon and Jupiter combination in 10th house:

    • If the particular person goes into a practice of law or that of an economic or accounts adviser, the individual is quite demanding in professional fee, etc.
    • If in service, the native is quite demanding in salary and other perquisites too.
    • The individuals have no hesitation in advising evasion of taxes, use of unhealthy or dishonest means in business or industrial products, and in the process sometimes get themselves or others into problem.
    • The individual becomes rich; choose to possess bullion and precious stones, jewelry of high cost and royal-type choice.
    • Dishonest or unhealthy practices in the resultant process find them in trouble with the governmental establishment and investigations.
    • They do not delay to attain hidden, unrecorded partnership in such industries or business empires where these native advise dissimilarity.
    • The particular native goes and comes back to foreign countries.
    • Wrong or dishonest practices in the resultant process find them in trouble with the governmental establishment and investigations.
    • The individual attains expertness, either by education or by work-experience. The individual attains expertise in economics, business management, accounts, and an advisory position to a high dignitary like the president of a country or prime minister or head of a large department.

    Moon and Jupiter combination in 11th house:

    • The individual might drop hints about it, but is normally not observed demanding satisfaction directly.
    • When the particular native is in the legal profession, he/she would not mind, sometimes under pressure from a judge in return for a favor in some other client’s case, or under any greediness or other personal opinion, to indulge in double-dealing. That is working as a lawyer of one client, to give secret points of the own client, to the opposite party.
    • They are honest paymasters in that regard.
    • The individual doesn’t mind receiving expensive gifts and presents from people with whom the individual has official dealings, whether one may call it bribe or not.
    • The gifts can be in hidden cash too.
    • An important point about these individuals is that they always want to pay anyone and everyone for their purchases or services rendered.
    • The native generally renders financial help to any elder members in the family, but keeps a record of it, and mentions it at some crucial moment.

    Moon and Jupiter combination in 12th house:

    • Loss can be on account of dropping cash or item of jewelry by the absence of care, or by giving non-justified monetary help to any person of the wider family, under one excuse or the other.
    • These individuals many a time estimate their efficiency for repayment of a loan within a particular period totally on guesswork and on expectations, which do not stand the test of actual facts.
    • Troubles with the law, with insurance, with banks, with insurance, organizations, litigation whether started by self or involved as a respondent.
    • These individuals suffer substantial loss by theft, robbery, cheating, etc., or snatching from the womenfolk of the family, or the life partner or any other member of the family.
    • If these particular situations are before an Investigation-cum-semi-judicial authority for tax evasion or any social crime, they suffer heavy fine and fine in cash, without a thorough examination of their activity.
    • Lots of time, some of these individuals get involved in charges of perjury, standing patent surety, security or guarantee for every tom, dick and harry, and the result is the serious problem for them with legal action hanging over the head.

    So, I have tried to explain the effect of this combination In all the houses, please judge for yourself which house suits best for Jupiter and Moon combine.

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