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Importance of Vargottama Planets in Astrology

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    What is a Vargottama Planet?

    If a planet is in its own sign in the birth chart, which is also in the Navamsha chart, then that planet is known as Vargottama planet. Identifying a Vargottama planet requires a thorough analysis of the birth chart. For this, you have to make note of the name of the planet or the celestial body and the number in each house. For instance, If the Sun is with the first sign (Aries) the horoscope,and the same sign is in the Navamsha chart, then it is known as Vargottama planet. The same thingapplies to ascendants. That is to say, if the same ascendant is in the birth chart and Navamsha chart, then you will have Vargottama ascendant.

    Influence of a Vargottama Planet on an Individual

    If there’s a Vargottama planet or Vargottama ascendant in the birth chart, a person will be satisfied with thearea related to a particular zodiac sign. He spends lavishly and lives luxuriously his or her whole life. Generally, there will be some changes in a person’s life after 36 years of age. But, a person with a Vargottama planet in the birth chart will remain same the entire lifetime.

    If Saturn is in the Aries zodiac sign in the birth chart as well as the D9 chart, a personlives a disorderly life. Most of such peopledon’t bother to make any changes.

    A little extra care has to be taken while analyzing the birth chart of a person with Vargottamaplanet as the planet can be in unison in both the charts or one chart.The Vargottama planet can sometimes receive malefic aspects. In such a case, even if the Vargottama planet is in good condition the results will be same but with some hurdles. If the Vargottama Saturn occupies Aries in the birth chart, an individual will lack discipline in life. However, in the second half of the life, because he or she surrounded by disciplined and organized people, they will make some changes in the lifestyle.

    A person with Vargottama ascendant will be extremely confident. However, if a malefic planet inflicts pain to the Vargottama planet, the person will have low self-esteem.

    To get the maximum results from the Vargottama planet, the ascendant and Vargottama planet should be free from the bad effects of other planets in the birth chart as well as Navamsha chart. Also, maximum benefits are received if Jupiter is powerful and occupies the D1 and D9 charts and influences the Vargottama planet and ascendant. Also, a Vargottama planet in a recovering condition that is eliminating the malefic effects of a planet gives good results later. A strong Vargottama planet helps you be focused and brings success.

    An earthy sign Vargottama planet gives a person benefits in material things. An airy sign Vargottama planet bestows a person with knowledge and intelligence. Also, a person becomes more disciplined. A watery Vargottama planet makes a native sensitive towards certain things that are related.

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