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How Does Lagna Chart Differ from Navamsa Chart?

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    Lagna, aka D1 Chart, present the entire picture of our lives, including brainpower, personality, physical type, mental stability, financial condition, health, relationships, debts, and family. The planetary combinations shown in the Lagna chart describes the events in our lives that might affect us physically. Good combinations in the tenth house of the D1 chart assure good life. A person who draws satisfaction in areas of life, he might not care about a stable job with recurrent income. This might or might not be depicted in the D1 Chart. However, only one house in the D1 Chart can help determine the conditions of multiple areas of life. The fifth house can describe various aspects including children, studies, capabilities, love & romance, and inborn talents. Everybody born within a period of two hours might have the same D1 Chart. This does not mean the events in their life are same.

    So, what can help us? The D9 Chart or Navamsha Chart, obtained by dividing the D1 Chart into nine parts, can help. The divisions of Aries, Taurus, Capricorn, and Gemini happen in a cycle. For instance, if there are good combinations in a native’s Lagna Chart and the planets involved in such combinations also exist in the D9 Chart, one can be assured of favourable events. On the other side, bad combinations and weak placements of the planets in the Navamsha Chart can result in detrimental situations.

    The Navamsha Chart can also help determine the qualities that an individual has inherited. For instance, if a person has Moon in the ascendant of the D9 Chart, he or she will have an attention-grabbing voice. That person also has the capability of understanding other people’s emotions. In the same way, an individual having Mercury in the ascendant will be very intuitive. He or she will be sharp and good at assessing things. Above all, they are very good in communication. Accordingly, if one has other planets in the ascendant, he or she is likely to possess the qualities of those planets. The sign in which a planet is based also has to be taken into account. For example, Moon’s performance will be better in watery signs when compared with its performance in fiery signs. That is the reason why Moon’s qualities will be noticeable in watery signs.

    Besides, planets having an aspect of 120 degree play a major role in determining the characters of a person. Simply put, the Navamsha Chart can tell you what the passion of a native is. Navamsha also plays an important role in making decisions about relationships, marriages, in particular. The Navamsha Chart gives an in depth insight of the qualities of a native’s fiancée, depending on the planets occupying the seventh house. It also gives an idea about the financial status of a native. Above all, it will tell you about the kind of Dharma a person is going to follow in the society.

    Here are some of the combinations that help determine them:

    • Venus placed in the D9 chart
    • Venus placed in the 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, or 10th house
    • Combinations of 5th and 9th lords

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