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How Can We Reorganize Karmic Relationship Through Astrological Charts?

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    Karmic relationship is nothing more than the bondage between two people that a person experiences in the present life in relation to the past life. It is a kind of relationship between two people that might have some kind of obligation with each other that has to be compensated in the present incarnation. In one birth, a person might be your mother, but in the very next birth, she may be your sister or brother. The relationship may change, but the soul remains the same. The universe unites two people by making their lives cross over and over again. If the horoscopes of the family members are assessed, you will see a profound relationship between their planets. When we meet a person, we might feel that their face is familiar, although it is the first time we see him. This is known as karmic relationship, which is caused by Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn. Whether the feeling is friendly, hostile, or hated, you can’t escape from it. These relationships must be broken in an optimistic way so that the soul is acquitted from the past life debts.

    How Can Karmic Relationship Be Studied in Astrology?

    In a person’s horoscope, Rahu indicates their desire to they want to achieve in life. On the other hand, Ketu indicates what you want to get rid of in life. When Rahu and Ketu unite with certain planets, you will get to know the kind of karmic relationship with a person. Such relationship can be identified through synastry, a comparison between two or more horoscopes in order to determine their relationship or compatibility. The synastry charts of people dear to you can be matched to find out the compatibility. Simply put, the way planets are placed in your horoscope is compared with the way the planets are placed in their horoscopes. For instance, if Ketu is in Cancer sign and the other person’s Ketu is also in the Cancer sign, you will see Ketu synastry. The following are some examples of synastry associated with Karmic relationship:

    Saturn-Rahu Synastry

    The Saturn sign of one person influencing the Rahu sign of another and vice versa are strong Karmic relationships. Two people meet to learn hard lessons through each other.

    Moon-Ketu Synastry

    If the Moon sign of one person influences the Ketu sign of another, you might have been in a mother-son or mother-daughter relationship in the past life.

    Saturn-Ketu Synastry

     Two people will be in an unbreakable long-lasting relationship. Whether it is because of obligation or force, they won’t separate from each other. A Saturn person will not cross limits, but a Ketu person will feel sheltered with Saturn person.

    Saturn-Sun Synastry

     This is a long-lasting relationship. A Saturn person feels energetic because of Sun person. A Saturn personteaches a Sun person discipline and limitations.

    Sun-Ketu Synastry

     If a Sun sign influences a Saturn sign, the person you have met in your past life would have been your boss or senior to you.

    Venus-Ketu Synastry

     This is the strongest bond as the person would have been your spouse or lover in the past life.

    Mercury-Ketu Synastry

    The person might have been your brother or sister in the past life.

    Jupiter-Ketu Synastry

     The person might have been your teacher or mentor in the past birth.


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