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How can we differentiate between a broken engagement and a divorce in Kundli?

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    Let me elaborate on this much more than what was envisaged in the question.  The conjunction what I write here is significance which has to be properly used/applied to the areal  horoscope. Because  in a real horoscope, the functions are controlled by 9th planets or 12th houses and not just a few houses or planets.

    1. Not getting any decent match / spouse: The 7th house and 1st house not connected effectively.
    2. The talks of marriage are not proceeding beyond a few points: The Lord of 7th house positioned at inimically/unfriendly to the 1st house or Lord of the 1st house.
    3. Unsuccessful in love: Reason is Damaged 5th house.
    4. 4. Engagement being broken: Reason is Damaged 5th house, look engagement is nothing as per a horoscope, so we position it in the 5th house (Love house)
    5. Delay in marriage: Reason is that the 7th house is disturbed.
    6. Immoderate Delay in marriage: Reason is unpleasant 7th house, with more negativity.
    7. Living away from the spouse due to employment reasons: If the Lord of 7th house is in a fiery sign, with an intervention of 10th house.
    8. Living freely but not divorced: If the Lord of 7th house is in fiery (separative sign), with the karaka Venus placed unfavorably.
    9. Divorced: If the 7th house and the Lord of 7th house are with the karakas Jupiter and Venus both damaged and a part play of 6th house.
    10. No marriage Yoga: In addition to the above conjunction, the 5th house and 11th house is also marred with malefic. I do not seems to  have seen many horoscopes that have this yoga. Because to my expertise, each horoscope has definite possibility of marriage, it could be of course, may be little weak but it is bound to becomes better with the correct transits.


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