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How can I find out if Saturn is badly aspected per Vedic astrology?

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    Do you have your horoscope? If yes, then certainly, you can come to know the problems Saturn is giving  in your horoscope. But if you are not sure of your horoscope or you want to access someone else’s Saturn, then I at this moment declare few signs that would let you know whether Saturn is badly positioned in the horoscope of that person or not.

    The few indicators:

    1. If the good karma of native always go unnoticed.
    2. If the west direction arrears unmaintained for a more expanded period or there is repetitive maintenance in this direction.
    3. If, every time, the agriculture produce is far less than the competitors or neighbors.
    4. If a disease stays for very long or has a repetitive incidents.
    5. If there are constantly thefts.
    6. The native is not satisfied in his professional life
    7. If the person has the distress fear of going poorly.
    8. If one has a troubled old age./ in the old age someone getting trouble.
    9. If there is some sought of disrespect from the Government.
    10. If someone has allergies to oils.
    11. If the servants do not stick to native or are of no worth.
    12. If there is frequent grief.

    Other than these twelve indications, few other definite observations, which ratify that the native has a poor Saturn to deal with, are:

    1. Those natives who habitually leave their job and remain jobless also have a negative Saturn in their horoscope.
    2. Those people who do not get a stable Job also have the same problem.
    3. Those people whose calculations are far less than their peers doing the same type of job also have an afflicted Saturn to deal with.
    4. Those who switch from Job to business and they are forced by the circumstances into a Job again, have a hard Saturn to deal with.
    5. Those people who dream more according to their work.
    6. Those people who wake up at a definite time in mid-might every day.
    7. Those people whose sexual desire wean off / diminish soon in their life.
    8. Those people working in a capacity that is far less than their capabilities have afflicted Saturn.
    9. The patients of tuberculosis.
    10. Those who do not stick to a ritual of pleasing the God.

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