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Does the Mangal Dosh in the Birth Chart Fade Away After a Few Years?

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    Mangal Dosh refers to the influence of Mars on a person and such a person is known as Manglik. Hindus believe that a Manglik is not compatible with a Non-Manglik and the marriage between them is said to be disastrous. So, in some cases, Manglik remain unmarried all through their life, fearing the consequences.

    Mangal Dosh is like fire. It can burn, destroy, and strip of everything. In Hindu mythology, Rahu is like nuclear fission – incredibly explosive and Mangal in conjunction with Rahu can cause colossal destruction. However, when Mars coalesces with Moon (ice), the consequence is not that destructible as you can understand the effect when fire unites with ice. Therefore, a planet, referred to as Dosh, is never seen in unison with any other body.

    One should not allow them to take your peace of mind and rob your pocket. Do you know how a fire-eater performs that daredevil task? He does it with the phenomenal trick of controlling the amount of fuel he allows in his mouth, moving his head back, and frequently wiping his mouth. It’s all about strategy and being in one’s own limit.

    If Mangal Dosh fades away, it is not because of time as many think. If Mangal is influenced by malefic factors/conjunctions, then it starts troubling you and might continue all your life. The suffering is severe during the Mars Mahadasha and Mars Anthardasha with Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, and Sun. This damage is not because Mars is placed in Dusthanas or Kendras.


    Mars placement Effect
    Second House Creates a fiery home but not too damaging to call it Dosh
    Third House Creates issues with siblings but blesses the native with high energy level in important matters
    Fourth House Creates conflicts with mother but enjoys material comforts and luxury

    Then, why should you call Mars a Dosh? The fact of the matter is ‘Dosh’ is in ones thought process and not the placement of Mars.

    If Mars has a malefic association, then it might trouble its natives all through their lives. There will be tremors in the house, but not during the first innings (first half) of the life as most people think. If you act with maturity and control the fire like a fire-eater, the so-called Dosh assuages.

    hat Should One Do If He or She Has Mangal Dosh?

    Firstly, don’t panic from what you hear from an astrologer. Secondly, look out for malefic aspects – the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th or 10thDhrishti’ of malefic planets. Check the ‘Dashas’ when these are activated and stay off the skirmishes and maleficent events by keeping your temper cool and being humble.

    That’s all you need to do friends: Be a fire-eater and eat the fire; you don’t need to do poojas or you don’t need remedies, and most importantly, don’t be timid because you will end up being terrified.


    Tips  to find you are Manglik or not 

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