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Does Rahu in the Tenth House Make a Person Politically Famous?

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    Rahu represents politics but he alone does not make a person a politician.Since nine planets play at least a small role in politics, there are nine types of politics as mentioned below:

    Sun-type Politics

    In Sun-type politics, administration is done by the people themselves. A majority of people vote for sons of former Kings or rulers. The descendants of political leaders become the president of the country.

    Moon-type Politics

    In Moon-type politics, contestants win the elections by touching the sentiments of the people.They play tricks and influence the emotions of the citizens.

    Mars-type Politics

    In Mars-type politics, people with power decide the whole political system. Those that oppose it get murdered. Communists-led politics and dictatorship come under this type.

    Mercury-type Politics

    In this type, the system of government is bureaucracy on excellence and law-by-law.Smart people in the society define the rules. Internet-controlled and automation controlled administration come closer to this type of politics.

    Jupiter-controlled Politics

    God and faith are the only controllers of politics. This type is predominantly practiced in Islamic nations. Everything is in the supreme religious leader’s hands.

    Venus-led Politics

    Political leaders are mainly corporate and businessmen in Venus-led politics.Such a political system is not practiced directly in any place. However, the players run the show from behind the scenes.

    Saturn-controlled Politics

    In this system, politics is FOR people, BY the people, and OF the people. In a democratic country, people’s wishes are on the highest priority. Saturn is the planet for the masses. In the initial stages of democracy, everything was controlled by Saturn.Although there is corruption in many countries, Saturn-governed democracy is still practiced in Scandinavian countries.

    Ketu-type Politics

    This type of politics is free from rules. Although there are people who are trying to impose rules to keep the state of affairs in control, they can’t implement them because of some corrupt people. ISIS in Iraq and countries in Asia, Africa, and the Latin America are examples of this type

    Rahu-controlled Politics

    The politics today, influenced by technology, social media, and internet, is controlled by Rahu. If there is Rahu’s support, anyone will become political leaders by increasing the followers in social media. Rahu will train your mind to give admiring speeches during campaigns and make you win the election. A person influenced by politics after becoming a ruler become corrupted, giving false promises to the people. No matter how strong a leader is, such corrupted politicians spoil the name of the country.

    However, if Saturn is in the someone’s birth chart, they serve the people of the nation without entering politics, doing some social work. Some names that come to my mind include Muralidas Devdas Amte, JyotibaPhule, MedhaPatkar, VinobaBhave, KisanBaburaoHazare (AnnaHazare), Aruna Roy, Kiran Bedi, and ArundatiRoy. They are great people who fought to bring a change in India. Rahu in a good Placement will make a person in mainstream politics. One can be an MLA, MP, CM, PM, or president. If Rahu is too nice to you, you’ll win the election by majority.

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