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Does Mrityu denote only death as per the Vedic astrology?

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    No, the actual death is not only the reason of the death or Mrityu. There are different kinds of Mirtyu.

    The most inauspicious Maraka planet (Killer planet) in the horoscope endues death to the native, but those planets which are the Marakas (Killer) but not that potent endues death or Mrityu in their terms and styles. According to the Vedic Granthas, there are eight types of Mrityu or Death:

    1- Shame/ humiliation (Lajja) – Loss of reputation, looked down upon and feel ashamed to show the face is the first form of Mrityu.

    2- Incurable diseases – Those diseases which more or less terminate the life because of their immutability is the 2nd form of death or Mrityu.

    3- Mourning or Sorrow – The person not able to come out of the griefs or sorrow for a long time is the Mrityu of the 3rd type.

    4- Awe or Fear – Apprehension fear of some troubles which may or may not occur is death or Mrityu of the 4th type.

    5- Enormous pain or Big Loss of wealth– Large Loss of wealth or respect in the community which in no way comes back or restored  is the 5th type of Mrityu or death

    6- Disrespect or Contempt – A person disrespected by his family and is subjected to neglect and disregard is the 6th type of death or Mrityu.

    7- Censure – This is Mrityu of the 7th type when someone is subjected to continual censure and defect by all section of the society.

    8- Death- This is the actual death physically which happens to a people and generally known to us as the Death / Mrityu.

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