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Does Ketu Hinder Marriage While in the Seventh House?

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    Rahu and Ketu, known as shadow planets or dark planets, behave in a specific way while they are engaged in certain houses or the houses in possession by the planets conjunct with them. So, the maliciousness of Rahu and Ketu depends more on the placement of the planets than their natural qualities.

    When Rahu and Ketu take position in favorable houses and do not conjunct with any planet, a person sees fruitful results because of relevant Bhukti. In other words, it is because of their relevant strength or power.

    A standalone Ketu is not a malefic planet. In fact, as a pointer, it keeps pointing in a direction in which you have already gone and burnt your fingers. In other words, it gives signals as and when you complete a level and helps ensure that you don’t go through that level again. But, if you do and fail, you will have to start over again. Hence, if you don’t heed the warning and take that route again, you run into more serious problems again, especially in the Bhukti or Dasha period. So, if a person does not heed the warning from Ketu, you won’t get what was premeditated for you. You will be deprived of jobs, riches, and health, including relationship. A person might encounter problems in marriage. Ketu may play a negative role in this way.

    However, if you understand the key role of Ketu in the birth chart, it is a celestial body that manifests new awakenings and progress. Ketu is the planet that directs you in attaining Moksha (enlightenment). It releases you from the Maya’s trap, but you need to ensure that you don’t get trapped again. Ketu does not like to interfere in married lives. But, if it is in the seventh house, it can cause two marriages. This is in accordance with one’s Karma.

    According to some astrologers, the bad influence of Ketu when it is in the seventh house is because of other influences or conjunctions. They are known as ‘Prabalo’ or strong as they can eclipse Sun and Moon, regarded as visible Gods. They can’t have any effect on a person as they do not have their own orbits or illumination. Jupiter or Guru, known to given only good things to people, behaves differently while it is in conjunction with Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, or Mars. Relationships may be split. A person may remarry or be indulged in extra-marital relationship.

    So, if you are non-discriminatory, you won’t hold Ketu solely responsible for disturbances in marriages. In fact, Ketu is the least malefic. The bad results in marriage are mainly because of other moderately of intensely malefic planets.

    Here are the different planets/celestial bodies and their effects:

    Rahu               : higher expectations

    Ketu                : least expectations

    Mangal/Mars : fiery temper

    Sun                 : boasting

    Saturn             : good results but slow


    So, even to remove the least possible bad effects of Ketu while in the seventh house (especially during mahadashas and antardashas), it is important that you pay heed to its warnings (its conjunctions and aspects, and transition of Jupiter and Saturn).

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