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Can Astrology recommend the Right Business for You?

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    A very few people know about “Dashamsha” in astrology and the role it plays in their life. I’ll unleash the secret today. Firstly, draw a Kashinath Dashamsha, a divisional chart different from Parashar. If you’re serious, you will find out ways and learn more.

    The divisional charts D1 & D10 will tell you what profession is suitable for you. In the D1 and D2 charts, if the sixth house from Mercury is aspected, conjuncted or occupied by another planet/s, a person will be a king, ruler, or administrator. Barrack Obama, Nelson Mandela, Richard Nickson, George W. Bush, and our own APJ Abdul Kalam. If strong planets take shelter in the sixth, tenth, or eleventh house, a person will become a government servant. His or her position depends on how strong the planet is. For instance, an excited Sun represents high-level bureaucrats. Also, a strong Saturn represents Judge while a debilitated Saturn represents hardworking labor.

    Different Combinations and Corresponding Professions

    Fifth and ninth houses from Venus or sixth or tenth houses from Jupiter: Law.

    Planets in the sixth, tenth, and eleventh houses from Rahu: Engineering.

    Planets in the sixth, tenth, and eleventh houses from Ketu: Medicine.

    Fourth house from Mercury: Industrialization.

    Strong planets in the eighth and eleventh house from Mercury: Writer.

    Strong planets in the second and eleventh houses from the Sun: Astrology.

    Good combinations in the second and sixth houses: Politics.

    Third house from Mars: Sports.

    Trine from Mars: Security or defence.

    Eighth or eleventh house from Jupiter: Teacher.

    Sixth and eighth house from Jupiter: Singing.

    Third house from Venus: Acting.

    Sixth house from Sun: Literature.

    Second and eleventh house from Mercury: Finance.

    Third and eleventh house from Venus: Art.

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