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Are There Any Negative Effects of Gem Stones?

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    Ruby, also called Manik, a natural deep pink precious gemstone that is liked by a majority of people around the world. This twinkling gemstone represents extraordinary beauty and luxury.

    Ruby possess the power of the the Sun, the source of vital energy.  Sun also represents confidence, passion, and happiness. Vedic astrology recommends wearing Ruby Stone, embedded in a ring (silver, gold or platinum), for success and growth in business. For some people, it recommends Ruby pendant. To know what suits you, you should consult a well-versed Vedic astrologer. By chance, if you wear a Ruby despite it’s not the right Stone for you, Ruby negatively impacts you.

    If you want to know what kind of effects Ruby will have on you, you should know the following effects of a weak sun:

    • As sun is the kaarak of the bones, its condition (strong or weak) influences the bones positively or negatively
    • A person will have a weak eyesight or other eye problems such as color blindness
    • A person can have some kind of weak disorder
    • A weak sun can be a cause for impaired blood circulation
    • There can be obstacles for tasks related to the government
    • A person may feel insecure and his personality is affected

    Remedies That Can Rescue from the Effects of a Weak Sun

    • Wear a Ruby embedded ring (made of a a special metal)
    • Before beginning any holy task, drink a glass of water with sugar in it
    • Do Surya namaskar every morning for a healthy life
    • One of the best ways to assuage the negative effects of a weak Sun is to regard seniors with respect, especially father
    • Every morning recite the mantra “On Suryaya Namaha”.
    • Feed a cow with wheat and jaggery and ants with wheat
    • Donate red-colored clothes on a Sunday
    • Eat almond after donating some to poor people
    • Wear the roots of a bael tree or Bengal Quince or Golden Apple around the neck to prevent any health issues from afflicting you

    Benefits of Wearing a Ruby-embedded Ring

    • Brings prosperity and happiness
    • Rescues from infects and blood-related problems
    • Brings spiritual wisdom and protects from negative energies
    • Brings about better eye sight and focused mind
    • Helps overcome faint-heartedness


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