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Are the last phases of Rahu Maha Dasha good?

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    A person works with sincerity because of the influence of Saturn. A person becomes more focused and on work  Saturn acts tough but it is for good. However, Rahu works in a different way. His influence can put us in a confused state.

    I can give dozens of examples, but let me tell you about two cases:

    If a person has dodged any phase of Rahu and Rahu takes the position of Lagna, a person falls in love. During this period, he or she will soon figure out that the other person is also in love. However, if the person is already in a relationship before entering the Rahu’s phase, conflicts and suspicions will start cropping up. The relationship might even come to an end. The person will start thinking his or her partner has an affair with someone.

    In another example, while I was studying a birth chart, I saw Rahu aspecting Saturn. This was related mainly to work and profession. In such a case, the person is most likely to change his or her profession. However, in some cases, the person might face some difficulties at work. He might lose his job if he is working or incur heavy loss if he is running a business.

    To conclude, Rahu does not prepare a person like others. He is like a for that tests you to find out your innate emotional strength. If you’re not relieved from it’s effects, one may carry forward the negative effects. Rahu will lead you to wasteful thinking. So, you should always be needful.

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