Why Lord Ganesha got the names Morya and Ekdanta

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Lord Ganesha is always the first deity to be worshipped before initiating any auspicious task. Lord Ganesha is worshipped prior to all other rituals which are followed later while conducting any religious or auspicious ceremony. Lord Ganesha has special significance in Hindu traditions and religion. He is the first amongst Hindu pantheons to be invited or worshipped before performing any other required religious formalities. Lord Ganesha is called by several names. He is called “vighnharta” as a remover of all obstacles in life. Similarly, he is the lord of ganas and that’s why is called Ganpati. In the same way, there are interesting stories or legends behind different names of Lord Ganesha which narrates the applicability and importance of that specific name.

The significance of the name Morya of Lord Ganesha

One of the names of Lord Ganesha is Morya. We often hear people chanting ‘ganpati bappa morya’ for worshipping and praising Lord Ganesha. The chanting gets even more prominent during Ganpati Mahotsav or Ganesh Chaturthi. The name Morya has more and less taken the form of a mahamantra used to praise Lord Ganesha. This name is very popular across the country. In Maharashtra, this name is used prominently by the devotees to recognize Lord Ganesha. There are many stories available in the Hindu texts as how Lord Ganesha got this name. Let us know about some important facts related to the story of the name Morya.

About 14th century ago, at the Chinchwad place near Pune in Maharashtra, India, there used to live a Ganesha devotee named Morya Gosavi. He was associated with the Ganapatya sect. It is said that he spent his entire life in the devotion of Lord Ganesha and took samadhi towards the end of his life while meditating on the name of Lord Ganesha. The stories of his devotion influenced people a lot and since then the devotees linked the name Ganesh ji with the name of that famous devotee. Ganesh ji came to be called Morya, since then the name of Lord Ganesha as morya became famous.


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Apart from this, another popular fact says that Morgaon which became the mainstay of the people of Ganapatya sect, had end number of peacocks living there. Due to which this place was named as Morya. Devotees also developed the legacy of paying devotions to Lord Ganesha here, so Lord Ganesha has been associated with the word Morya under the confluence of the place and devotion and since then Lord Ganesha is called as Morya. This place is of great importance from the religious point of view, because it is seen as a significant place in the Ashtavinayak religious journey. The journey starts from this place and an idol of Ganpati with name Mayureshwar has also been installed here.

According to Hindu Mythology, Lord Ganesha chose Mayur i.e. peacock as his ride (vaahana) to kill the demon Sindhu. Lord Ganesha is worshipped in the form of Mayureshwar in Morgaon and in Marathi language, Ganesha is called as Moreshwar. This is what has been described in ancient texts while explaining the significance of the name Morya for Lord Ganesha. 

The story of Lord Ganesha being called Ekdanta or one toothed

Ekadanta, another name of Lord Ganesha is very famous among devotees. There are many legends behind this name, one of which is related to the war incident of sage Parashurama with kshatriyas or warrior cast. According to this mythological story, sage Parashurama comes to meet Lord Shiva after defeating kshatriyas. Lord Ganesha was guarding at the entrance gate of Mount Kailasha. When Parshurama insisted to enter to meet Lord Shiva, Ganesha simply refused. Parashurama gets angry at the denial of entry and had a fight with Ganesha. One of the teeth of Lord Ganesha breaks down due to the strike of Parashuram ji’s axe and since then he is called Ekadanta.


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Another story, which is associated with the creation of Mahabharata narrates, Ganesh ji broke his tooth to make a pen and finished writing the Epic without any interruption or pause. For this reason Ganesh ji is called Ekadanta.

There is another story which is related to the dispute between Kartikeya and Ganesha where Kartikeya breaks the tooth of Lord Ganesha. In all these stories we notice the significance of the deeds of Lord Ganesha, where he appears with courage and bravery and wins after the struggle. Therefore, the story of his being one toothed delivers the qualities of being brave and valorous in the times of challenges while providing the blessings of victory over hardships.

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