Importance Of Anant Chaturdashi And Why It’s Celebrated!

  • 2023-09-15
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The festival of Anant Chaturdashi is celebrated on the Chaturdashi tithi or 14th day of Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada month. As it is celebrated on Chaturdashi Tithi, it is known as Anant Chaturdarshi or Anant Chaudas. There is a ritual to worship Lord Anant on this day. Lord Anant is considered to be a form of Shri Vishnu. This day is believed bring infinite happiness to the devotees. Worshiping Lord Anant destroys all sufferings and removes sins out of life. 

Along with worshiping the infinite forms of Lord Vishnu, Ganesh Visarjan is also performed on this day. So, the importance of this festival even enhances more. 

This is also a very important day in Jainism and the whole Jain community observes a strict fast on this day. They don’t consume any food and many don’t even take a drop of water. This day has religious significance attached to it in Jainism. Thus, it is a highly auspicious day to amalgamate religious sentiments of varied communities. 

This time the festival of Anant Chaturdashi is being celebrated on 28 September 2023. According to Hindu religion, the immersion of Ganapati will be performed on this day.

What is Anant Sutra?

During the worship of Lord Anant or eternal God, the Anant sutra is also created. This sutra is worn as a protective shield or raksha kawach. The Anant sutra is tied. On the day of Anant Chaturdashi, after worshiping in Shubh Muhurat, Anant Sutra, which is in a form of a thread called Anant Dora, is tied at the wrist. In this sacred thread, 14 knots are tied and it is worn after complying with necessary puja rituals. The infinite power which is contained in this thread protects the devotee in every way and it promises happiness and prosperity in his life.

The story behind Anant sutra and who tied it

Anant Sutra is prepared by putting 14 knots. This is made from silk or cotton thread. It is believed that each knot in this thread has its own significance and supernatural power resides in it. This thread is also believed to be related to other eternal worlds. Each of these knots is related to a world, in which Bhuloka, Bhuvarloka, Swarg Lok, Mahar Lok, Janalok, Tapolok, Brahmaloka, Atal, Vital, Sutala, Rasatal, Talatal, Mahatal and Patala are considered. For this reason, the welfare and auspiciousness inherent in all the worlds is achieved through this thread and establishes peace in life. Mention about Anant Sutra is also found in the Mahabharata. According to the legend, Lord Krishna insisted the Pandavas and Draupadi to wear Anant sutra and to worship Lord Anant. This removed their troubles and they regained their lost kingdom and glory.

Ganesh Visarjan Puja Shubh Muhurat

Auspicious time for worship on Anant Chaturdashi:

Chaturdashi Tithi Begins: 27 September 2023, Wednesday 10:18 PM

Chaturdashi Tithi Ends: 28 September 2023, Thursday 06:49 PM 

Ganesh Visarjan Puja Method

  • Worship Lord Ganesha properly before immersion
  • After puja of Lord Ganapati, perform aarti and ask for forgiveness
  • Offer durva, jaggery, sugarcane, modak, banana, coconut, paan and betel nut to Ganesha.
  • Recite Ganesh Atharvashirsha and pray for peace and prosperity in your home
  • Put new clothes to Ganesha idol and also tie panchmeva, betel nut and some money with it
  • Ask humbly to Ganesha to leave your place
  • First bow to the idol of Ganesha, then touch the feet, then take the permission and lift the idol with devotion
  • If possible, immerse the Ganapati idol in the courtyard of the house by arranging a water tank
  • If the idol is big, then immerse it outside in the river, pond or sea nearby
  • At the time of immersion, the face of Ganpati should be towards the front

Anant Chaturdashi Puja Method

There is a ritual to worship Lord Vishnu on the day of Anant Chaturdashi. On this day Lord Vishnu is worshiped as the Lord Anant. Waking up early in the morning, the resolution of fasting and worship etc. is taken. An urn filled with water is established for worship and a picture or statue of Lord Vishnu is placed on the kalash. In the worship of Anant God, Anant sutra thread is made with putting fourteen knots in it. The thread should be either yellow or white. The thread is then put in the puja. God is worshiped by incense, ghee lamp, fruit flowers etc. After worshiping Lord Anant and Anant Sutra, the Anant Sutra is worn while chanting the mantra, after which the story (katha) is heard and the Bhog is offered to the Lord, after that Prasad is distributed and the puja is over.


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Anant Chaturdashi katha

On the day of Anant Chaturdashi, devotees read and listen to the story of Lord Anant (Anant Bhagwan). The story of Anant Chaturdashi is related to Maharishi Sumantu and saint Kaundinya. According to the legend, the saint Sumantu had a beautiful, virtuous daughter, whose name was Sheela. He married his daughter to the saint Kaundinya. Sheela used to worship Lord Anant and used to wear the Anant Sutra. With the blessings of Lord Anant, all kinds of happiness resided in his life and there was no dearth of wealth in the family. One day Kaundinya saw the Anant sutra tied at the arm of his wife, he asked about the sutra, the wife narrated all the glory, the sutra brought to her.  But he refused to believe and asked the wife to remove that thread from her hands, but the wife does not listen. She tells her husband that it is the effect of this Anant sutra that their life is full of happiness and prosperity. Kaundinya gets very angry with these words and forcibly takes off the thread from the wife’s arm and throws it into the fire.

All the happiness of Kaundinya ends in a moment due to the insult caused to the thread and Anant God, he feels very sad for his misdeeds and apologizes before the Lord. He observes the fast every year to rectify his mistake. Pleased with his fasting for fourteen consecutive years, Anant God forgives him and his life becomes prosperous again.

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