Father’s Day Special – What Happen When the Sun Placed in Ninth House?

What Happen When the Sun Placed in Ninth House

Father’s day, a day dedicated to your fathers who always remain on their toes to provide you with best of the facilities in life. A father is an epitome of sacrifice and dedication who goes to any limits to comply for the best education and other needs of his children in life. You get comforts because he has sacrificed the same for himself. Life is a smooth ride with blessings and support of your father. Isn’t it!

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Now, do you know, you may enjoy all the perks and advantages related with a father by propitiating the planet Sun. This father’s day ensure a prosperous, healthy and tension-free life for your father by relating to the planet Sun!

A father is represented by the planet Sun in Astrology. The Sun has been considered the king of the planets. It has been considered a significant planet with royal traits attached to it. A strong Sun in the horoscope means strong support of your father in life and much more. Just like Sun illuminates the world, your father illuminates your own small world!

The Sun and the ninth house

In Vedic Astrology, there is a strong connection between the ninth house and Sun. The ninth house is a house of your father. However, there is a discord amongst astrologers to consider 9th or 10th house as a house of father. We consider 9th house as a house of father because the ascendant (yourself) falls at the 9th house from the 5th house, the house of your children. However, being 7th from the 4th house (mother) 10th house is also taken as a house of father by many astrologers especially in North India. In South India, the 9th house has been considered the house of father.

The ninth house – The ninth house of horoscope is a house of your luck, wisdom, righteousness and noble activities. No wonder you inherit all these qualities from your father. The ninth house is a house of your teacher and who better than your father (of course after mother) may portray as a best teacher for you. The 9th house is a significant house as it shows your fortune and nothing can’t be achieved if your fortune is weak. The 9th house also shows your quest to explore different culture, places and religions. This house is directly connected to our past life deeds i.e. good or bad karmas. If you wish to travel or settle abroad then look for your 9th house!

Sun- The Sun specifically depicts your father as we know yet. But Sun in astrology is given a designation of a king so, there must be some reason behind it! The Sun represents power, authority, name-fame, strong immunity, worship, intelligence, creation, recognitions, righteousness, government posts, administration and royal pursuits etc. in life. We all as humans long for most of these traits. One may have them in life by propitiating the planet Sun through astrological remedies as suggested by an experienced and learned astrologer.

The Sun and your father

The Sun and your father are closely related. The prime indication of your relations with your father can be deduced from the position of the Sun in your birth chart. Do you love him? Do you respect him? Are you both the best friends or have distance in relations? Look for these answers in your kundli.

  • A well placed Sun means a prosperous and healthy life to your father. On the other hand, an afflicted Sun placed in bad houses of the horoscope may invite several challenges or struggles in your father’s life.
  • A strong and well placed ensure good health and longevity to your father. It brings recognition and fame to your father as well.
  • A well placed Sun makes your father live an authoritative, royal, influential and luxurious life. Just like a king!

The Sun and you

Not just your father but a well placed Sun brings name-fame and affluent life to you as well. A strong Sun ensures good health, status, recognition and good government relations to you. Alternatively, you may be employed at an influential government position. It also makes the person highly successful in politics.

The Sun in the ninth house

A planet brings significant results by being placed in different houses of a kundli. The placement of Sun in the ninth house also has specific meaning in Astrology. Let’s explore-

  • The Sun also represents the place of worship and being placed in the house of religion, the placement makes the native highly religious.
  • The 9th house belongs to your father and the Sun is a karaka of a father. The famous astrological rule states “Karko Bhava Nashaya” which means the placement of Sun in 9th house is not considered auspicious for your father. The father may derive bad results in terms of health.
  • A severe affliction of the Sun while placed in the ninth house may even cause untimely death of a father. If the bad Lords or malefic planets are making any association with the Sun in the ninth house then the father has to face several challenges/struggles in life.
  • An affliction to Sun also indicates disagreements and quarrels between the children and father. Such natives may disobey their father and may not respect him.
  • The placement of Sun in the 9th house gives strong religious and spiritual inclinations in life. The native has strong faith in religion and God. Since the 9th house also shows long travel, the native may go for several pilgrimages with Sun in the 9th house.
  • Any affliction may cause lack of interest in religion and the native often changes his/her religion.
  • Sun in the 9th house also causes marital discord.
  • The 9th house falls at the 5th place from the 5th house and Sun is also a karaka for a son. A well placed Sun in the 9th house gives a noble, helpful and righteous son, a kuldeepak in real sense.
  • The Sun casts an aspect at the 3rd house of courage and strength from the 9th house. The Sun is a malefic planet in astrology and any malefic increases the courage of a native with its influence at the third house. The native shows strong determination and dedication in his/her goals in life.
  • The Sun in 9th is considered bad because it narrates that the native may gain fortunes in life only through hard work and courage. Nothing comes easy in life. However, the native with a strong Sun lives a wealthy and luxurious life.
  • Sun in the 9th house also indicates good health but lots of mental stress.
  • Sun in the 9th house, falls at the 6th place from the 4th house which indicates meager amount of paternal property.
  • Sun in 9th house gives impressive speech, authority, strong ambitions and noble or influential friends in life.
  • The native travels a lot with the Sun placed in the ninth house.

Count on your blessings with a strong Sun

It is clearly understood that a well placed Sun brings several blessings in life. If you really love your father and wish to improve your relations with him, then follow these suggested remedies to attract countless virtues in your life-

  • The first and foremost remedy to get good results of the Sun is “RESPECT YOUR FATHER”. No remedy can beat this most effective remedy as by altering your karmas you bring permanent auspiciousness in your life. No matter, how cold relations you share with your father, showing some respect and warmth will do the trick!
  • Donate articles related to the planet Sun like wheat, jaggery and ruby etc.
  • Visit temple daily.
  • Recite Gayatri mantra and Surya beej mantra – “Om ghrini suryay namah”.
  • Wear gemstone ruby for getting good results of the Sun. A rudraksha related to Sun can also be worn.

Thus, it is very important to understand the placement and effects of the planet Sun in your kundli with the help of an esteemed astrologer. No donation or gemstone remedy should be adopted without an astrological consultation. Strengthen your Sun to strengthen your life!


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