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My Two decades experience of astrology makes me conclude that almost all Horoscopes have both negative & positive planetary combinations. Almost every horoscope has both exalted planets & debilitated planets. As a human, it is natural to get excited seeing an exalted planet in a horoscope. And likewise spotting a debilitated planet in the horoscope activates the fear notion against it. But the actual story to access the strength is somewhat different. And I bet that most of the astrologers either knowingly overlook it or worse do not know anything about it. Notwithstanding, most of the lot certainly ignore this vital aspect to gauge the strength of the planet.


An orbiting planet becomes auspicious or inauspicious  due to three reasons. First of all  it’s positioning in a sign. Second is the aspects it gets or gives. And finally is its conjunction with other planets. This auspiciousness of the planet is not necessarily due to these three factors, as people widely understand. But it depends on Shadbala (Strength gained from six sources).

Maharishi Parashara described the six sources of the Shadbala as:

I will explain a little brief about these six sources as below.

  1. Sthan Bal (Place strength)
  2. Digbala
  3. Kaal Bal
  4. Chestha Bal
  5. Naisargik Bal
  6. Dristhi Bal


The planet gets strength when it is in friend’s house, own house or exalted / Moon Tricona house. This strength cannot be evaluated until the following sub-heads under this head are thoroughly.

1. Uccha Bal: The Uchha Bal is deduced by computing the:

  1. NaisargikMaitri Bal
  2. The TatkalikGrahMaitri Bal
  3. The PanchdhaMaitri Bal

2. Saptvargaz Bal

3. OjUgam Bal

4. Kendra Bal

5. Dreshkan Bal.


The strength a planet gets due to its directional positioning i.e East, West, North or South. Position of Mercury & Jupiter  in East ( Lagna) makes them  Digbali. Moon & Venus are Digbali in 4th House. Saturn is Digbali in the West of in the 7th house. Similarly Sun & Mars are Digbali in 10th House.


KaalBal depends upon the degrees progressed by a planet in a sign. We commute this from the nine factors. These nine factors are:

  1. Natonnat Bal or the Diva Ratri Bal
  2. Paksha Bal
  3. Tribhaag Bal
  4. Abad Bal
  5. Maas Bal
  6. Vaar Bal
  7. Hora Bal
  8. Ayan Bal
  9. Yudh Bal

Chestha Bal

Chestha bal is the strength gained by a planet by virtue of getting retrogate. Therefore, Sun & Moon never get the Chestha Bal.

Naisargik Bal

Naisargik Bal is the strength that the planets gets from its nature.

Drishti Bal

The strength gained by a planet by getting an aspect from the intrinsically beneficial planets is the Drishti Bal.

Astrological Conclusion & Insight 

Through this write-up, I am not trying to teach how the different Balas are calculated, but my contention is to make everyone understand that a planet by virtue of its Stan Bal may look like giving good results. It may be exalted or be in its sign, but it can be that the other Balas may not be giving it their part. As a result,  the planet even after being exalted may not be beneficial. And similarly, a debilitated planet may look weak but owing to the blessing of other Balas may prove otherwise.

So, before feeling excited or dejected, one should always deduce  the Shadbala of the planet. And we can evaluate easily through any conventional software. Every horoscope making software has the feature to evaluate the Shadhbala of the planet.

Negative planets can also give positive results.

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