What happens when there is a conjunction of Rahu and Moon in birth chart?

Moon and Rahu

The conjunction of Rahu and Moon gives the effect of discontent for the person, leads to discovery, to connect with innovation and to get a different identity. The yoga of Rahu Moon is not able to give satisfaction to the person, here every moment something goes on, whether it is mentally or physically. The conjunction of Moon with Rahu shows the outpouring of emotions. It is difficult to control your emotions. In astrology, Rahu is considered to be an unknown maze or entangle, it is fog where one finds difficult to come out once lost. Under the Influence of Rahu, a person may have the knowledge of directions, but is confused about which path should be taken, for this purpose, it takes help of intuitions. Rahu is the person who works out of the ordinary. Moon in astrology is the mind and gives the emotions. Moon gives desires inside a person. The moon itself also shows fickleness.

Whatever indifferences these two planets have in their individual significations, the same effect falls on the mind of a person, his behavior and lifestyle. The presence of Rahu and Moon together in the horoscope is also a very serious issue, it is deceptive in nature. Rahu is a malefic planet and Moon is an auspicious planet. The auspicious nature of one planet when combined with the sinful effect of the other planet gives serious implications in life. The union of Rahu and Moon is considered more negative in many cases. Rahu Moon Yoga is supposed to take the mental state of a person to a level where there is a dominance of restlessness. Rahu is capable of diverting the mind. With the help of Rahu, the Moon is also weak in giving better results on its own due to Rahu’s influence over it. Feelings like apathy, exaltation, restlessness, anxiety keep the mind even more affected. Now if we talk about its brighter side, then here it becomes a combination to introduce the person to a knowledge which is not easily available to others.

In fact, the conjunction of Rahu and Moon is a very deep indication, which also brings the effects of our past deeds into this life. The tendency to solve mysteries is also going to take the person forward in life. It turns out to be an interesting relationship which also gives a scientific approach. Rahu is the destroyer of taboos and the effects of Moon want the person to stay connected with them. There are opportunities to get involved in the field of science. It also gives an opportunity to connect with adventure. If Rahu Moon Conjunction is taking place in closer degrees, then the situation creates more worries and anxiety. In that case Rahu Moon gets closer together and increases dissatisfaction.

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Can anyone change the Horoscope? No, not even its creator the Brahma. Then what is that the astrology can or how can astrologers help us. My 2 decades exposure with a PhD in Astrology make me say that Horoscope is a direct manifesto of our Past Life Karmas which have gone past, fixed therefore cannot be changed. But there is something known as Gochar (transit of all planets in constellation like earth, sun, moon keep moving) Dasha which give us a chance to mould the results of the fixed planetary positions, allotted to us in Horoscope. That is possible through the Karmas of our present life (which are in our hand with manoeuvrability with a free will) and that where I preach that Karma correction with right guidance and at right time is the best way to extract best results with the help astrology. It is much better to control & play with your own free will than to desperately depend on mindless rituals later where you only pray to God help you with these rituals.

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