What are the effects of Rahu in the fifth house?

Rahu in the fifth house

Rahu has a special significance in the birth chart; it has a very deep effect even though it does not exist physically. In astrology, it is considered an inauspicious planet. Grief is the cause of worry and many kinds of troubles. In whichever house it occurs in the horoscope, it tries to spoil the house and its karaka elements/significations. Due to its negative quality, its effect is going to affect the life of a person in many ways.

Rahu is a shadow planet and it gives mostly inauspicious results through its shadow. It shows its effect in conjunction with the planets and the sign placement in the horoscope. Whatever be the planet, it has a good ability to influence it. It also affects exalted and debilitated planets. When it is in the 5th house in the horoscope it affects love relationships, happiness of children, desires, ideology etc. Apart from this, the fame and honor of the person is also affected by Rahu.

Effect of Rahu on intelligence if placed in the fifth house

The Fifth House is also called the house of intellect. By this you can test your intelligence. Emotions are also seen from his house. In such a situation, the presence of Rahu here can give many types of results. One of the main significations of Rahu is to create confusion, that is, sitting here, Rahu can surround a person with many types of thoughts. One can make up his own fantasies, or we can say sand castles. Mental illusion creates a situation of suspicion and when the mind remain under confusions then how can a person undertake with correct actions. Rahu will not allow a person to agree on any one thing. Now if we talk about the good influence of Rahu here, then in such a situation, a person can be brilliant in discovering many facts or may search new avenues.

The effect of Rahu on love relationship

When Rahu is here, it casts its shadow on the love relations as considered the signification of the 5th house. Now, under the shadow of Rahu, love relations may remain under problems. Rahu does not allow a person to enjoy the pleasures of love due to its bad influence. It will not allow the person to remain satisfied even if the person has married or got his/her desired love in life. Many types of doubts can remain in the mind of a person regarding his partner as well. To fulfill the desire of love, a person can also establish more than one relationship, but peace is not found anywhere. Ideological differences may remain with the lover, there may be cheating on the part of the lover, or due to some reason the love may not be fulfilled. If Rahu is in Gemini, then the person will get many companions but he will not be able to find the partner as per the desires. If Rahu is in Leo, then the relationship will remain bad due to fights. Many times a person will be more excited in showing his love, then many times he will work in the opposite way, in such a situation it will have a negative effect on the relationship.

The effect of Rahu gives bad habits in education

Due to Rahu in the fifth house, the person’s studies will be affected in some way or the other. If Rahu is in some auspicious position, then the person will be serious about his education and will pay attention to it, but lack of concentration can always give trouble to him. If Rahu is malefic, the student may not be interested in studies. Instead of concentrating on any one course, he may remain involved in unnecessary things or activities. If there is some auspicious effect, then one can take his education forward and may also go for higher education. The bad effect of Rahu can divert the student’s interest in the wrong direction. Students can waste their precious time. Things like being involved in student politics, engaging in groups can affect him more.

Impact on the happiness of the children

The happiness of children is also affected due to Rahu being in this place. Many types of problems can be faced when Rahu is malefic. The joy of parenthood may remain feeble. Many types of medical treatment need to be taken to get a child. The presence of Rahu in the sign of Mars can give problems related to the uterus. Bad Rahu also gives abortions. In such a situation, it is difficult to get the happiness of children. There are children but there is no happiness derived through them. Sometimes, there are long delays in progeny.


Special: Rahu in the fifth house gives its effect on many other things as well. From this place the person’s honor, prestige, work related to government sector and ministry, profit and loss from share market, speculation, posts achieved through someone, sudden wealth, work related to religion etc., memory power, stomach, favored deities, worship, medical astrology and the uterus etc. are seen. Rahu with its placement in this house exerts its influence on all of them.


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