Know Reasons of Pitra Dosha in Kundli

  • 2023-09-29
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Pitru Dosh is such a defect or dosha of the horoscope which definitely affects all the pleasures of life. If this dosha is formed due to the influence of Rahu, then the person may have to go through many problems. Pitru Dosh is the one that reduces the fortunate results for the native. It weakens the fortune of the person. According to the Hindu concept, when we are born in the universe, we are indebted to our ancestors and when we a child is born to us, some of these debts are also pacified or rectified. There are times when ancestors are ignored on behalf of the individual and the clan. If the elders are not given respect, then in this situation the curse of the ancestors is surely received. This fault is passed on to the next child. The effect of this dosha is also seen in the horoscope of the upcoming generation.

Many types of yogas are formed in the birth chart, which show their effect according to the position of the planets. When the yoga of some specific planets is formed together, then they bring most influential effects in life. Now in such a situation, when the effect of Rahu is formed in the horoscope with Sun and Saturn, then these yogas create bad doshas in the horoscope which are known as Pitru Dosha and Pitru rina. Pitru dosha formed in the horoscope can affect the life of the person in many ways. Due to the effect of this dosha, it is difficult to get auspicious results. There are many challenges to be faced in life.

Pitru Dosha caused by Rahu

The Pitru Dosha in the birth chart is created in many ways. The special combination of planets is responsible for creating this unfortunate Kundli Dosha. This dosha is created by Rahu in many ways. Pitra dosha can be understood on the basis of various positions or placement of Rahu in the horoscope.

Pitra Dosh is formed due to presence of Rahu and Sun at these places

When the conjunction of Sun with Rahu is formed, then it is counted in a bad yoga. This yoga is not only called Grahan Dosha, apart from this it is also called Pitru Dosha. When Rahu and Sun are in the ascendant, fifth and ninth house of a person’s horoscope, it creates Pitru Dosha.

According to astrology, Sun is the karaka of soul and father. In such a situation, the effect of the affliction of the Sun can be seen very badly on the person. In the horoscope, when Sun forms conjunction with Rahu in the ninth house, then in this situation severe Pitru Dosha is formed in the kundli. The curse of the ancestors will spoil the life of the person. This situation can be seen in many birth charts when Pitru Dosha is being formed in some form or the other in the horoscope of parents and children.

According to another explanation, if Rahu is in the Kendra (quadrant) house or in the trikona (trine) house in the birth chart and it is in its debilitation, then Pitru Dosha is formed in such a situation. Now in this house, especially the fifth and ninth are considered very important. The presence of Rahu in either of these two places creates Pitru Dosha. The ninth house of the birth chart is specially the house of the father. The influence of teachers, father and ancestors are seen from this house. Now when Rahu is situated in this house, it is also seen as the cause of formation of Pitru Dosha. Similarly, when Rahu is in the fifth house of the horoscope, then this condition also creates Pitru Dosha in the kundli.

When Rahu is in conjunction with the Moon in the birth chart, there is a Pitru Dosha formed in the birth chart. Moon is also said to be the karaka of mother. When Moon is afflicted by Rahu in a horoscope, then it is a condition showing the effects of Pitru Dosha.

When Rahu is in relation with Saturn or Jupiter in the horoscope, then this position is also considered to create Pitru Dosha. In some texts, the presence of Rahu in the second house or in the eighth house also creates a situation showing the results of Pitru Dosha.

The effect of Pitru Dosha 

This dosha if formed in the horoscope gives very bad results. The effect of Pitru Dosha not only spoils the house in which it is being created, but also goes ahead in showing its bad effect on other areas of life. Due to the effect of this dosha, the life of a person becomes painful. One has to face many difficulties and obstacles in life. Due to the effect of this dosha, there may be trouble in getting married. Delay Marriage or Problems in married life can always trouble the native. Sometimes marriage doesn’t happen due to the effect of this dosha. The native may have to spend the whole life alone.

Due to the bad effect of this dosha, the person has to face many problems in getting the happiness of children. The death of a child, the absence of a child or having a child after a long time, or the child having a disease defect, etc. is possible. This dosha if formed in the fifth or ninth house as created by Rahu makes a person crave for child happiness. Apart from this, the person is not able to get proper knowledge and respect in his life. The state of poverty and degradation can affect life throughout.

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