Mangalik Dosha - Remedies for Remove Effects of Mangal Dosha

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A chaotic marriage or delays in marriage is often attributed to Mangal dosha present in someone’s kundli. The Manglik dosha in kundli is known by different names like kuja dosha, bhauma dosha, chovva dosha etc. In different parts of the country. Whatever be the name, effects are the same- A highly disturbed married life!

What Exactly is Mangal dosha?
Mangal dosha is formed due to the placement of Mars in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house in a horoscope. However, in Southern parts of the country, the placement of Mars in the second house also gives birth to Mangal dosha. Thus, Mangal dosha completely depends upon the placement of natal Mars in any of these above mentioned houses. The person afflicted with Mangal dosha is called a Manglik person.

Types of a Manglik Person
Depending upon the affliction and strength of the planet Mars and its house of placement, a manglik person may fall under following categories:

Before we categorize Mangal dosha, it is important to know that Mangal dosha is seen from the ascendant, Moon and Venus in the birth chart as well. Similarly, these are referred while considering the cancellation of Mangal dosha as well.

  • A High Manglik Dosha: If Mars is placed in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th houses from the ascendant, Moon and Venus or any two of them. The person is called a high manglik person. The native has to undergo several challenges and struggles in life.
  • A Low Manglik Dosha: If Mars is placed in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th houses from any of the ascendant, Moon and Venus, then the native is afflicted with a low manglik dosha. The native is partially manglik causing mild severity. Astrologers suggest that such dosha is nullified after the completion of 28 years of age.

One may conveniently find the prevalence or type of mangal dosha by using mangal dosha calculator as available at this page.

Cancellation of Mangal Dosha
It is not necessary that you are a Manglik person, once you have your natal mars in any of the above mentioned places in your birth. The best astrologer suggests various methods for cancellation of Mangal dosha. The cancellation nullifies the bad effects as caused by mangal dosha in the native’s life. It is important to meet an astrologer before blaming Mangal dosha for any undesired situation in your life.

Why only Mars and no other malefic planets cause this negative yoga?
In Vedic Astrology, the planets Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are considered malefic planets. Out of these, Mars is a fiery planet that possesses aggression, passion, enthusiasm, zeal and spontaneity. Mars promote these traits in a person and let him/her learn by doing. Mars has qualities of a soldier and always remains ready to fight or safeguard the family. This is an aggressive planet which acts without thinking too much. If afflicted Mars may also cause frustration, too much anger, abusive language, jealousy, frustration, over indulgence in sex and other negative personality traits. Since, these stern emotions can’t be handled in a soft relation like marriage, the planet Mars is not considered supportive to bring harmony in marital relations.

Is Mars always considered Bad for Marriage?

  • Mars makes a person learn by doing. A manglik native has to undergo several hardships and challenges to finally turn up as a polished and learned person. All other planets only bring negativity but Mars over a period of time enhances the personality of a person through hard work done by him/her.
  • Mars is a bodily passion which is necessary in a marital relationship. In absence of bodily attraction no marriage can survive.
  • Mars is called bhoomiputra i.e. it signifies land. A person with strong Mars possesses several lands and properties. In case of a marriage, if placed well, helps a person to remain grounded.

Thus, it is bad as well as good depending upon its placement, strength, associations with other planets and position in different divisional charts or varga kundlis. It is necessary to understand your natal Mars with the help of a learned astrologer before deducing any conclusions about it.

What effects, you may expect from a Mangal Dosha?
It is very important to understand the Mangal Dosha effects and remedies in a kundli. Let’s shed light on the effects first.

  • Any person either male or female can be afflicted with mangal dosha.
  • Manglik people are generally short tempered, fiery, aggressive and quarrelsome.
  • It promotes a sense of jealousy, doubts and competition among the partners causing fights and ego issues. Partners see each other as enemies or competitors.
  • Mangal dosha creates lack of affection and other soft emotions inside a person due to the influence of cruel Mars. The native doesn’t hesitate to indulge in verbal and physical fights showing cold emotions.
  • Mars is quick in action and thus the native acts without thinking only to regret later.
  • Mars has separating tendencies and the partners don’t hesitate to get separated or take divorce in case of discord among them.
  • Mars is a karaka of legal proceedings as well and may give rise to legal disputes between the life partners.
  • It causes delays in marriage of the native.
  • Mars signifies blood and heat as well. So, the person is highly aggressive and is sometimes out of control. The native doesn’t listen to anyone and shows abrupt behavior.
  • Such behavior is absolutely not accepted in a relation like marriage.
  • Mangal dosha also create land disputes, financial crunches, legal troubles, and discord in family members.

Non-Manglik Person can marry a Manglik Person?
It is not advisable for a non manglik marry with a manglik person. For, it is very difficult for a non manglik person to match the passion and energy of a manglik person. Secondly, there is absolutely no match between over enthusiastic and submissive behavior which a non-manglik person may have. Their marriage is not advised until and unless there is some kind of mangal dosha cancellations detected by a learned astrologer. However, if two manglik people marry each other, the negative effects of Mars nullify completely.

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Remedies for Mangal Dosha
As we know till now that it is essential to pacify Mangal dosha to attain peace and harmony in marital relations. People facing delays in their marriage should also perform effective astrological remedies as suggested by an astrologer. Here, we have enumerated some general remedies to remove the ill-effects of the planet Mars:

Marriage between two mangalik people: This is the most effective remedy as mangal dosha nullifies completely when two mangalik people marry each other.

Kumbh vivaah: If a manglik person is facing delays and hurdles in getting married then the ritual called kumbh vivaah is followed. The ritual is very effective in mitigating the ill-effects of mangal dosha. As per kumbh vivaah ritual a manglik person marries a peepal, banyan or banana tree before marrying a person. The person may also marry a Vishnu idol as prescribed by the ancient texts.

Cancellation of Mangal dosha If Mars is so placed in the natal chart that it is placed in its own or exaltation sign, the mangal dosha weakens significantly. However, an astrological guidance is necessary.

Fasting: It has been prescribed in the astrological texts that if a manglik person observes fast on Tuesdays, he/she may be saved from the ill-effects of mangal dosha. The observer has to take salt free diet once a day.

Donations: The native may also make donations of articles like red masoor dal, breads, coral, jaggery, swords, spices etc.

Worship: One is supposed to worship Lord Hanuman to safeguard against the ill-effects of the mangal dosha. Visiting Hanuman temple and reciting Hanuman Chalisa is a very beneficial remedy. One should also light jasmine oil lamp in the temple.

Chant: Mantras have always been considered very effective in mitigating malefic effects of the planets. One should recite the mantra of Mars- “om bhaum bhaumay namah” at least 128 times daily to pacify the planet Mars. One should chant navgrah mantra also.

Yagya or puja: The manglik person should perform hawan or fire sacrifice reciting mangal mantra. One may use red kaththa as hawan samagri. A puja performed in the navgraha temple is also very effective in removing the bad effects of mangal dosha.

Wearing gemstones: A gemstone for Mars i.e. coral can be worn to get relief from the bad effects of the planet Mars. But it should strictly be worn after an astrological consultation.

Hence, Mars becomes a very important planet in a life of a person. A person with bad and afflicted Mars generally lives a problems in married life and has no passion or drive in life. A weak Mars doesn’t give courage to face challenges or zeal to live life to the fullest. Thus, it is very important to understand your natal Mars with an astrological consultation. The astrologer will explain its effects in your life and the remedies that you need to perform to rectify ill-effects if any. Live life to the fullest with a strong Mars by your side!

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