Can inauspicious Rahu cause depression and mental stress?

Rahu Moon Conjunction

Rahu definitely has an effect on our mind and if Rahu is malefic, a person can be affected by mental diseases too. Rahu forms the head in our body. Rahu dominates our brain or head and it definitely affects a person at the mental level. Rahu is thoughtful. Staying at one place is not the quality of Rahu. Rahu is also defined as a chaotic planet in astrology. Rahu signifies a cloud or shadow, so how can people see things clearly under its influence. Rahu relates with smoke, and the person under its influence always wish to look forward that smoke. There is an impression in the mind of the person that something is laying ahead that smoke. A person gets lost and disoriented under this search of things beyond that smoke. The state of smoke never gives a clear vision to the person. Only estimation and speculations about the situation are there. This tendency of Rahu takes a person into confusing state many times.

It is the force that makes you believes that you are moving ahead but in reality you are standing at the same place but you never feel. Rahu does not miss the opportunity to take shortcuts to achieve worldly desires or goals. It is the haste and desire for things that definitely gives mental pressure to the person. A person struggles more with his stress and conflict in Rahu Mahadasha. The influence of Rahu prompts a person to fight for his existence, recognize it and attain it. When a person struggles for his existence from any area of ​​his life, then this situation is going to give stress to the person. Rahu always gives struggle to the native. Rahu does not allow the person to get satisfied in life. Its effect is of serious consequence. The effect of Rahu is going to leave a deep impression in the mind of the native.

Rahu has one mouth and its poison also shows up slowly within the person. One never knows what he wants and craves to enjoy worldly goals and pleasures. Now Rahu alone is not so serious but if it is placed with some other planet which rules our mind and brain then this condition is particularly responsible for stress anxiety. Here the Moon is the only planet that affects our mind and affects our emotions. In this situation, the presence of Rahu Moon Conjunction is also going to afflict the Moon. The shadow of Rahu on the mentality becomes responsible for taking the person into anxiety and depression. Therefore, it can be said that Rahu may keep us in confusion, but when it is accompanied by Moon, Saturn, Mercury, Mars, and then things become especially effective for mental diseases here.

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