Can We Avoid Separation/Divorce Using Birth Chart?

Divorce astrology

I am a Vedic astrologer with experience spanning over two decades, offering solutions to all human life problems. However, I initially hesitate when it comes to the question of “divorce or separation” before I lay my hands to arrive at the plausible solution that I can dispense. I am perturbed, especially when they ask me for a divorce remedy. I wonder how the sour relationship between two humans can be changed with remedies. Marriage is a relationship that needs relationship compatibility more than anything and not materialistic remedies. If there are issues, we need to bridge the relationship gaps than cement them with the mindless rituals. 

I fail to understand why two persons who, with all Zeal, enter the marital bond with a vow to live together for life suddenly decide to retrace their steps. This clearly means they had ignored the crucial factor of compatibility before they tied the knot. I speak with authority here, as I have seen thousands of such cases who married out of passion/relations and then repented at leisure. What they did not realize was that, life, emotionally and socially, is very different before and after marriage. 

Now, without drifting further, let me come back to the topic discussed. How can astrology help us avoid divorce? What are the signs/indications of divorce in a horoscope? Which house in the birth chart is seen/considered for divorce? And finally, the best remedy to avoid divorce/separation. 

One way is to let such a situation come in and then run to astrologers seeking remedies. Another way is to work on the marriage together to see that the situation of divorce itself does not build up to avoid divorce at all costs. Certainly, we can spot divorce from the chart, but here I am out to explain how to avoid divorce. 

What are the main reasons behind divorce/separation?

There can be several reasons behind divorce/separation. The hindrances to a happy marriage can be either Intentional or circumstantial, and the horoscope indicates it all. If you have contemplated any divorce case, you would surely have picked on any of the below reasons for divorce. 

1. Huge differences in value and belief systems.

2. Disparate professional life and financial status

3. Excessive interference by in-laws

4. Infidelity

5. Cruel treatment

6. Abusive attitude

7. Marital incompetence

8. Undisclosed diseases

9. Chances of reduced longevity

10. Loss of love

11. Incompatible sexual orientations and preferences

12. Ill-treatment

13. Fertility issues

14. Psychological complexes                   

15. Habitual lying

Few of the issues mentioned above are rampant in today’s society. And I find points nos 1,2, and 3 being the most prominent reasons for all such situations. Constant exposure to the internet, open and liberated media, excessive focus on career, values lacking in the upbringing are majorly responsible for the current situation. The most significant reason amongst these would be the much higher economic and social status of the females.  And let me tell you, one can see all such reasons for divorce from horoscope.  

Indications of divorce in horoscope

An expert astrologer can easily see signs of divorce in the birth chart/horoscope. Your horoscope clearly indicates who will be your future life, and you will have love or arranged marriage. Through a natal chart, you can ascertain compatibility and time of marriage. Basically, your birth chart indicates all about marriage: be it before/after the marriage. In the same way, there are indications in the horoscope for divorce. There are specific house indicating divorce in the horoscope. Things come to a standstill when marriage is conducted heedless of the differences or incompatibility factors that makes marriages on the edifice of divorce. There are specific house to be seen/responsible for the divorce. 

Which house is seen for separation

More prominently, the main house we see for separation/divorce is the 7th house. We need to check several combinations for divorce in the horoscope before concluding anything. Ideally, the house seen for divorce /separation is the 7th house of marriage and love

7th House – If the 7th lord and the planet occupying the seventh are inimical, it would lead to divorce and reduce the quality of married life. The breakup is most evident in their Mahadasha, antardasha, or Paryantardasha. 7th lord occupying the sixth house foretells a galore of problems in marriage

Merely an Exaltation and debilitation of planetary positions can not initiate divorce. We need to see many other factors. By looking at planetary placement in the Bhava Chalith chart, we can determine which planet owns or occupies which house.

Once you are sure about the house each planet indicates, you can then check the ascendant. Apart from the 7th house (spouse), we see the second (family) and 11th house (Gain/Fulfillment of Desires) for divorce possibilities. Divorce can be predicted in the period of the negative planets.

If Saturn, placed in 5th or 7th, is negative for marriage and the periods are also negative, marriage could be delayed, and marital life wrecked. 

After house seen for divorce, we need to check many other combinations responsible for the divorce.

Mahadasha Lord – The lord of Mahadasha (planetary period) that you are currently undergoing decides your overall life for the long term. Venus Mahadasha spans the longest, 20 years, whereas Sun has the shortest of 6 years. 

 When the Mahadasha Lord augurs well for marriage, it will bless the native with marital bliss. The Mahadasha lord can also mitigate any malefic effect at that time. On the contrary, if both the Mahadasha and other signs are strongly negative for marriage, it would certainly indicate a crack in the marital setup, leading to divorce.  

When Saturn Rahu and Ketu are well placed, they would save you from the ills of life and bestow you the best. Benefic planets like Venus, Jupiter, or Mercury can’t be that detrimental even at their worst. Even if one of these planets, Rahu, Saturn, and Ketu, are ill-disposed for marriage, divorce is imminent. Together, they wreak havoc. 

If these conditions are not there, divorce is a remote possibility. You may be annoyed with your spouse, but you will not go for separation.  

Can we avoid divorce using a birth chart?

Yes, one can surely avoid divorce using a birth chart that indicates all about all marriage. The best thing to avoid separation using a birth chart: marry after matching the charts is my Guru Mantra to avoid maximum divorce/separation cases. I am saying it because, in over 80% of such cases that I have seen, missing compatibility has been the spoilsport. But here, matching does not mean only mathematical Gun Milan, but comprehensive horoscope matching. You read my detailed explanation on horoscope matching, and you would realize if marriage matching was done properly, the chances of divorce would be minimal if not absolutely Zero.   

Remedies to avoid Divorce/separation 

Remedies to avoid/stop divorce can be of two types. You can consult online remedies or thoroughly counsel the couple in all aspects, including astrological and social. I employ the second method. Each person is unique in his sign/ascendant, in the type of relationships he is in, the circumstances, and finally, the temperament. None can be compared, so I hold back, suggesting any stereotype remedies to avoid/win divorce. I have successfully settled many such cases, and the best solution was to remove all the apprehensions and insecurities from the couples’ minds, including infidelity apprehensions. 

Therefore, compare the horoscopes, check the compatibility, and take the next step forward. I have explained how to avoid divorce, but if you have already landed into such a situation, the only solution to avoid/win divorce: avail a post-marriage counseling session with a good marriage astrologer. You will have a firsthand glimpse at how things are likely to work between the two of you by a chart check and avert any mishap by taking the right steps to overcome the peril. 

Another important factor to think of, would be to appraise the situation post-divorce for the couple. They must know how their careers and, generally, their life will be affected due to divorce. Yes, you read it right: married life can affect person’s career. This carrot and the stick approach has worked successfully in many cases. The couple who had taken their decision towards divorce, due to irreconcilable differences, have gone back on their decision to live the happiest life they could ever dream of. Learn how can astrology help you to have a happy married life

Divorce can be a stigma in anyones’ life and a social menace that should be battled away. It does not benefit either of the couple, in any way, as you are spoiling your house of happiness, not only the 7th house but also your 10th house 2nd house, and making Jupiter work against you. Astro marriage counseling is a transparent way to deal with issues in marriage. It can cost you a bit but will certainly be peanuts compared to what you invest in marriage and later in divorce proceedings. 

So pause for a minute before you finally decide the tie the marital knot. Read about many distinguished features of Marriage astrology. Use them to avoid issues before/after marriage rather than depending desperately on astrologers for rituals and remedies. Some precautions before marriage can avert many issues after the marriage, so it is your decision to opt. 

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