What Should I Do If Marriage Is Not Happening?

Delay in marriage

Is the delay in your marriage causing you stress? Are you sick of preparing yourself for a new marriage proposal, and then nothing happens? Are you not sure what’s wrong with your fate that’s causing marriage delay? Well, all the answers related to marriage and any kind of delay can be better answered if you turn towards astrology.

As per Vedic astrology, there are certain Kundali doshas that lead to marriage delays and those who are unaware of Kundali Doshas often suffer from rejections and unrequired delays. Therefore, if you notice any kind of unpredictable obstacles in marriage, then it is wise to consult a good astrologer.

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Though here you will learn about various causes and cures to deal with the situation if marriage is not happening even after several proposals and tries.

What could be the reasons if marriage is not happening –

In astrological consideration, there are basically two causes delaying the marriage. These two causes include certain planetary positions in the Kundali, and another can be anything individual or family related. The reason for marriage delay concentrating around planetary positions could be the Kundali’s effect on the native and their close relatives. For example, the moon’s position in Mother’s Kundali might be impacting marriage delay. Similarly, the positions of Mars in siblings’ Kundali can be a reason for marriage delay. Moreover, the weak position of the lord of ascendant might negatively influence Yoga’s marriage.

Thus it is a fact that your Kundali has certain answers for your marriage delay and by consulting a good astrologer like Dr. Bajrangi, you can find cure or astrological remedies to strengthen your marriage yoga.

What to do if the marriage is not happening –

If the reason for the marriage delay might lie in your Kundali, then the solution to remove that reason is also there in Kundali. With proper Kundali analysis, the astrologer can spot the root cause of marriage delay and accordingly can tell what you should do to lessen the effect of Kundali Dosha.

Natives who are struggling to get married should consider following practises as it will help enhance the marriage yoga with positive effects.

  1. Use more Haldi in your regular diet – Consumption of Haldi is one of the most effective tips to build your Yoga for marriage. Besides consuming, you can also use turmeric in your bathing water, or before leaving home, a tilak of haldi or saffron would be great.
  2. Fragrances can do the magic – Good fragrances can ensure good results by eradicating ill-effects from your marriage Yoga. So, start using the good fragrance or ittar in your daily life.
  3. Worship Lord Shiva – Lord Shiva gives quick blessings if worshipped with a pure heart. So, to get rid of your worries, you should worship Shivling. Along with that you can also do a Monday fast to make the Lord happy
  4. Donation in a wedding of a girl – This is another effective way to grow your chances of getting married soon. By donating to a poor girl’s wedding, the blessings you would receive will help eradicate the ill-effects of planetary positions in Kundali. Thus your marriage Yoga will be strengthened and bad effects of planets in Kundali will be ineffective.
  5. Navgraha pooja – By worshipping Navgraha, all the ill-effects of Grahas can be diminished. This is an ideal way to convert ill-effects into good-effects and grow your marriage chances. To worship Navgrahas, you can visit any Shani Dev Mandir nearby as there you can worship Navgrahas. It would be great to worhip Navgrahas at a Mandir where their idols are present and consorts.

These astrological tips work amazingly to prevent any kind of barrier in marriage and boost the chances to get married for a person. 

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