What is the effect of the venus Dasha | Venus Mahadasha

  • 2024-02-19
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In Vedic astrology, every planet is a karaka or significator of some specifications in life. E.g., Jupiter is a karaka of education, marriage, children, and wisdom for a native. The Moon is a karaka of the mind, emotions, softness, mother, and liquid things in life. Similarly, all planets have their natural significations, which are extremely important for an astrologer to make accurate predictions. Karaka explains important incidences in a person’s life with their placement, association with other planets, transit and dasha system. For e.g. you may get a sweet speech with Moon placed in the second house of speech. Mars in the 3rd house may give you extraordinary courage etc. A karaka may amazingly give you those results even not promised by the Lord of the concerned house.  In the case of a marriage, Venus dasha has a larger impact in getting the person married. Even if the seventh Lord or occupants don’t get activated during the dasha period, but Venus dasha alone is capable enough to get the person married if it operates at a marriageable age. One must always keep in mind desh, kaal and patra.

Venus and its role for marriage in Astrology

Venus is a planet of romance, love, luxuries, beauty, comforts, sex, intimacy, attraction, etc. Venus is a peaceful planet with feminine qualities. It is a karaka of all comfortable, aesthetically attractive, fragrant, creative, and luxurious things. In astrology, Venus also signifies a wife for a male birth chart. All females come under the domain of Venus in Astrology.

For marriage, in a male’s chart, the placement of Venus will depict the position or status of his married life. How blissful his married life with his wife would be, is shown by the planet Venus. Now, Venus represents someone’s wife, and one is supposed to have a wife only when he gets married. So, Venus has a close connection with the marriage of a person.

Venus is also a karaka of bed pleasures in someone’s life. A person with afflicted Venus usually lacks sexual happiness in life or on the contrary, may have excessive indulgence in the same. Both the situations are bad for a happy married life.    

Venus Mahadasha or Venus Antardasha may indicate marriage for a person! If the Venus dasha operates during the marriageable age, say 24-36, the person may get married simply with the operation of the dasha. It is that powerful as far as marriage is concerned. However, your marriage type will depend upon other planetary combinations in your birth chart. 

Venus may be strong or weak in the birth chart, and depending upon its strength, one gets the happiness or sorrows in married life. A weak or afflicted Venus may cause disturbance in married life due to-.

  • These include diabetes, indigestion, kidney problems, diseases of the genitals, and lack of sexual performance.
  • In females, it may cause problems related to progeny. Strong afflictions to the planet may cause abortions or miscarriages. 
  • In the case of males, they may suffer problems related to their love life and marriage. 
  • It causes a lack of sexual desires or their fulfillment in the natives. Alternatively, the native may follow immoral ways of satisfying his inner desires. 

Which planet affects marriage?

In Vedic astrology, the planets Jupiter and Venus are known to bring bad results in the married life of a person with their affliction. In kundli analysis, if these karakas are placed in the trik bhavas, i.e., 6th, 8th, and 12th, then there are chances of bad marriage results. However, Venus in the twelfth house gives good results related to materialistic pleasures but may cause major hurdles in the bliss of married life if in affliction. 

The Role of Venus in birth chart is primarily responsible for major afflictions in the married life of a person. Venus with its association of malefic planets in the birth chart may result in-. 

  • Venus and Rahu: Venus, if afflicted with Rahu, may give excessive and immoral indulgence in sexual activities, which ultimately spoils the married life of a person. 
  • Venus and Saturn: This combination shows delays in marriage, and also there are chances of lack of intimacy between the life partners. Saturn is a cold planet that turns Venus’s warmth into cold feelings.
  • Venus and Sun: This combination creates ego issues between the partners. They also lack intimacy and argue a lot.
  • Venus and Mars: This is a battlefield. However, it also talks of very close bodily attraction between the partners, but they often quarrel with each other.

 So, even if your seventh house or its lord, which are the prime indicators of someone’s marriage, doesn’t get activated in the dasha period during the marriageable age of the native. The Venus dasha may certainly ring the wedding bells for the native! 

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