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  • 2024-05-28
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Author: Dr Vinay Bajrangi

Astrology can be of great help when a prediction has to be made on “Will I win the court case?” but caution has to be exercised while selecting the astrologer to answer this question because this is not a simple or general reading that any astrologer can easily do. 

If general rules of astrology are to be applied, the sixth house is the main house for reading/predicting matters related to court cases. The sixth house can answer the most asked question- will I be found guilty? From the sixth house, we see enemies, victory over enemies, enemies causing troubles/grievous injuries, compromise, fighting and its outcome. We also see enemies, their nature or personality traits, hostile attitudes, etc, from the sixth house. By analysing the sixth house, you can learn what obstacles or challenges you will face in your court case. The other significations of the sixth house include hatred, illness, infections, wounds, death, robbery, mental worries, fear and phobia, mental anxiety, fraud, suffering and harassment, timid nature, maternal uncles and aunts. 

An experienced astrologer can determine to what extent the significations of the sixth house have to be used along with the Karaka to give a reading in winning a court case. He can give details about the judge, opponent, lawyers and other involved parties if he has enough expertise to read a chart for a court case. You can know If your opponent is stronger than you just by looking at your chart, but yes, you must reach the right astrologer! The competent court case astrologer can judge what more houses are to be read to arrive at solutions for a specific individual, as all cases are different. Not all cases have the same punishments; sometimes, the agony is felt by just visiting the courts repeatedly.  So, if you worry, will you be sentenced to jail? It may not happen if, in your chart, you are destined to feel the agony by repeatedly visiting the courtroom and not the jail. 


Normally, the first house belongs to the answer seeker, while the seventh house belongs to the opponent. However, this postulate cannot be applied word-for-word to every birth chart. A strong ascendant or the first house always gives victory to the answer seeker. Normally, an able astrologer reads the following things before coming to any conclusion:

  1. The strength of the 6th house of the answer seeker.
  2. The strength of Lagna of the answer seeker.
  3. The strength of the Moon of the answer seeker. 
  4. The Dasha 
  5. The Transit of planets regarding the 6th house, Lagna and the Moon. 

Above are the normal readings that every astrologer might do for the reading, but reading the above gives results that are only 30 ?curate. The following additional readings are to be carried out simultaneously:

  1. Reading the D-6 Chart for all the above five things.
  2. Reading the D-60 chart of all the above five things. 

Once the D-1 Chart is read with the D-6 and D-60 charts, the prediction accuracy on “Will I win the court case? “Increases to 60 %. The in-depth readings provide the most valuable information, such as whether your lawyer is appropriate for you or whether he will be the one to make you lose your case. So, those astrologers who are good at reading charts still fall short of definite results as something remains amiss while giving the court case astrological report.


What more is to read to give a complete vedic astrology result on this question? It is indeed the Prashan or the Horary chart. 

A Prashan Chart must be cast along with the above charts to arrive at a definite solution on the subject matter. Very few accomplished astrologers can read the Prashna Chart, and therefore, even fewer astrologers have the special ability to read the charts for the question, “Will I win the court case? “ 

Look no further if you are still searching for the right legal astrologer who can read the chart for all legal matters. You are in the right spot. Just click here and get blessed with the advantage of an accomplished astrologer who has mastered the technique of horoscope reading for all matters related to the court of law. 

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