Astrological Combination For “Will You Be Found Guilty” As Per Your Birth Chart

  • 2024-05-12
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AuthorDr Vinay Bajrangi

The astrological chart or your birth chart can give a good insight into the chances of any person being found guilty in a court case. Moreover, if the astrologer is proficient enough, he can read the birth chart of the concerned person in tandem with the horary or the Prashan chart to arrive at a definite conclusion.

As per court case astrology, to be found guilty or not comes under the domain of a few houses: the Sixth House, the Eighth House, and the Twelfth House. A few charts are also read alongside the D1 or the Lagna chart. The most important chart is the D-60 chart, which is read for transit and Dasha to ascertain the outcome of a particular case in terms of whether or not the person is found guilty.

Astrological Combinations for "Whether you will be found guilty" 

Although the combinations are unique to every birth chart, a few combinations are often reproduced as under.

  1. When the Sixth house of the horoscope is weak, it denotes that the fighting power of the person is weak, and he can be found guilty in a court case as per the birth chart.
  2. When the Sixth House Lord is weak because of its placement or is under the evil effects of malefic planets as per the birth chart, it can be inferred that the person can be found guilty when he fights in a court of law.
  3. The Sixth House represents enemies, fights, and implications. When it is under malefic influences, specifically the Papakartari Yoga, it denotes that the person can be defeated or found guilty whenever he goes to the Court of Law.
  4. When the Dasha of a non-supportive or a malefic planet is under operation, the positivity from the Sixth house may not come as desired, and the person could be found guilty in the court case.
  5. When the Dasha of the Eighth house Lord is under operation, and there is an adverse transit over the Sixth house Lord, the Sixth house, the 12th house, or the 12th house Lord, there is a chance of being found guilty.

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The above are a few combinations in which a person can be found guilty. However, do not apply the above postulates as they are because they are to be read in conjunction with the other planets. Moreover, the strength or weakness of fighting a court case is always inferred or supplemented through the D-60 or the Shashtiamsha. If a person cannot understand the impact of Shashtiamsha, he should be taking the advice of an experienced astrologer. There are times when the question of whether you will be found guilty or not is inferred through the Prashna Chart.

Let us understand the importance of a Prashna Chart while answering this question.

The importance of the horary or Prashna Chart in answering the question, "Whether you will be found guilty". 

For this, you can take an online report on whether you will be found guilty per your horoscope.

In court case astrology, the question of a court case or its implication is read through the birth chart. A separate horary chart is always drawn to evaluate the power of the person fighting the court case and his opponent.

Moreover, the Sixth house, the Eighth house, the 10th house, the 11th house, and the 12th house are also read in the Prashna chart for the native's strength in fighting the court case, immediate gains, and the fate of the court case. The twelfth house stands for the sixth house, the complementary house for the sixth house and the house for Bandhan Yoga, which is Jail Yoga.

These are to be ascertained through a person's birth chart so that the strength of the birth chart can be seen and the verdict of whether you will be found guilty is given.

In court case astrology, one has to be proficient enough to understand the intricacies of reading a birth chart. It is always advisable to read the 'Trik Bhava' (3, 6, 11) houses before concluding.

My humble suggestion to the readers is not to take this reading himself/herself but to consult an able astrologer. Apart from the power of the house discussed above, the Prashna chart, the D-60 chart, the transit, the Vimshottari Dasha, the Chidra Dasha, etc., are always read before giving the final verdict.

In the end, I want to tell you, and I want to add, that in the good old days, most kings would consult an astrologer before giving the final verdict on cases in which the verdict was hanged, or the death sentence was given to the native.

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